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  1. When I try to download 4k videos on my tablet they always fail. I can download the 5 minute option.can you guys help me out.
  2. Today's scene with Bridget B in pov was great. I want more if possible.
  3. If I buy a cheap headset that's $10 can I watch the vr videos? Or do I need the expensive ones? I just want a headset so I don't see the two different images.
  4. A quick poll
  5. Will NA ever have 60fps for non vr videos?
  6. Ok, do you think there will be an option in the near future?
  7. How do I watch the vr videos in 2d? I'm on a android tablet and don't have a computer. I've downloaded a vr video before but there is 2 images, is there a way to only get one image?
  8. Is the new layout slow to load pages for anyone else? I'm using a android tablet