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  1. ya I figured the IT scene (lol nice btw) was moved to just be on Halloween, but they followed up with the next scene which should of been a 4 day stretch as a 3 day so vr's all aligned.
  2. It kinda looks like kagney but not with the eyeliner sort of giving her the crow look.
  3. well someone must of had a good night in vegas. Maybe someone was trying to film hangover IV
  4. Anyone know who this is? I thought it was daphne rosen but they just don't seem to look the same in every other video. Not even sure if er names daphne https://www.xvideos.com/video1092794/daphne_gets_fucked_on_the_bed
  5. eh is was ok but it was weird that she went from basically being covered top to bottom and sticky to clean and dry with the guy. Hell it probably would of been sexier to just leave er all lubed up lol.
  6. True, the older ones had one weird depth perception thing going on unless they were laying backwards. And even then it was a bit off. And ya she used that guy like a toy over and over. Not to much down time. Guy must of been exhausted lol. Also on another note.. whats the the latest VR? I get its a tit job and thats cool. But whats with the hentai fantasy on the title there? Like is she supposed to be some cartoon cosplayer or something?
  7. sounds like an issue on your end. If youve tried on a dedicated internet line (not a mobile device) then either that modem is the problem be it the modem itself or the wires are shot outside that lead to it. Or just as likely the providers end. Now on a mobile device I could damn near guarantee whoever you have is drop kicking your speeds in the balls lol. Especially if its one of the main guys like Verizon. Proved that already. Or it could just be random and your service hates wherever and whoever this site uses as a server housing. But really Id say on mobile your providers flipping you the bird.
  8. Huh id thought she was Chinese. And ya but you know more of the diversities. Don't get me wrong theirs alot of great women in there and I do love the mature tag, but its nice to get a lil variety like every other week. Maybe. Hell even once a month. I was shocked when the new video came out so soon after yuki
  9. No they finally changed it. Cindy starfall came as a hotel manager and provided some room service. A nice change up. Always like a new asian vr flick. Now all we need is some african talent and...idk maybe Brazilian? Could try for some brits as a tag. Suppose you could go russian. HEY! Russian spys lol. ah man and if you tossed some dude in a wig like the presidents haha now thad be a funny VR. As far as step sisters and whatnot I don't really mind it mostly because of the image that they go for when doing it. A kind of southern look, sometimes. Sometimes trailer park, other times just the naughty look in general. Lets face it none of those people are related even in amateur sites. Just a market ploy.
  10. Is their a great difference im not able to see between the two? Or is high resolution video just limited by the hardware currently available. If its displayed on my monitor theirs a differance I can see but with the rift I can't really find that the two differ to much.
  11. Really? I actually think their videos are about the most decent. Their only downfall is not going for a 360 view. However though VR bangers does offer it as well as lets you stream the video first theirs sometimes suffer from this kind of greyed out angle above. NA does sometimes but not as often. Though it depends on the viewer to. I went through a few before settling on Deo. The updated whirligig was good but still had this kinda messed up perspective sometimes depending on the video. Deo offered less control's but pretty much I never need them since it just naturally gets the video right. Plus I really like alot of the actresses they have signed lol. Could be some more races represented more of the time but they're getting better at it.. slowly. Thier was one player I used that made the women look freaking huge, I forget which one it was.
  12. Ya that's what I figured. Thanks for the answer. VR in first person is definitely a heck of an experience, and until then I always thought that pov was basically a waste of time for a film. But it actually became a favorite with vrs introduction. However I still believe 3rd person isn't quite dead in terms of 2d. Theirs alot more that can be done without basically a stationary settup. That said some 3rd person scenes ive seen with VR have been done very well. Id say each has it's place pending on a persons tastes at that particular time.
  13. Ive been wondering for awhile; do some scenes from the vr shots just get cut out of the end result? I usually go off of the pictures to get an idea of the film before a download as it doesn't play like the other sites. And sometimes their will be a couple scenes here or there in the pic lineup that aren't in the video. This last one though seemed to of just scrapped the last 3rd of the shots. Which was kind of a shame considering I thought they were the best of the lineup. So are they scenes that just didn't make the cut or are they more of just fluff pictures to download like a magazine?
  14. See its ok if they do it right. But they usually don't. For some reason they're licking your forehead of something. Theirs been a couple ive seen where it was eye to eye and pretty good. But ya mostly its messed up. Not to be confused when they whisper into your ear with a lil love bite. Its almost like you can feel their breath on your neck.
  15. eh I subbed mostly for the vr lol. Trust be if pornhub had these video's for free download even at 480i I'd of prolly just saved my..72 bucks? Cant remember but the promise of 2 a week was a decent price along with the content they already had. 2D..well hell it's pirated all over the net on stream sites lol.