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  1. hahahahahahaha love that you get riled up over some stupid ass shit. ol internet bully lookin ass. you are so cool bro. wish i could be like you.
  2. BY THE WAY NA!!!! Keep coming with the Kylie Page!!! that shit is straight FIYA
  3. OHHHHHHHH we must be talking to some Porn elite people that think they are the shit and run these forums.... GET A FUCKING LIFE you fucking loser. i feel sorry for you and miztablu because yall have nothing better to do than go on here and talk shit. man you guys are soooooo cooolllll. wish i could be like you. dumb asses. wtf are you doing on this thread anyways since you hate VR so much? go back to your 2d threads lol.
  4. ONLY reason I have EVER paid for porn. VR. NA was my first sub, now I am subbed to almost all of them.
  5. Too each his own! Sorry to hear man
  6. by the way Naughty America. This new Luna Star Oil scene is crazy good. Keep coming with heat like that please. the Oil was amazing. the BJ with her hiking her ass up and see her nice legs. amazing. he splits cowgirl. amazing. her cowgirl and reverse were also amazing.
  7. hahahahaha you funny bro. cheers to porn debates online
  8. Would love to hear your opinion the day you have broken your VR virginity. Most of anyone I know that has experienced VR have said it's hard to go back to regular porn after that. I couldnt agree more. I watch 2d porn maybe 5% of the time now and it's only because its someone that doesnt have VR scenes yet. Other than that, VR all day.
  9. dont be so sensitive bro...
  10. Brooklyn chase PSE was super fire. wow she is so hot in VR and that lingerie. Thank you NA!!!! This scene is one of my tops.
  12. SERIOUSLY!!! if she just shot a 2d for NA then PLEASSE PLEASEE PLEASEEEE get her in VR!!! been dying for that.
  13. didnt it say somewhere on her instagram or twitter that she is reshooting on july 17th???
  14. her fantasy sports talk is pretty legit though!! kinda crazy to think someone that was a milf queen turned into such a knowledgeable sports analyst that I actually take football fantasy advice from haha
  15. yeah this dude is a hater man...