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  1. I'm assuming the new black colour scheme is a site wide change? The text colour used for different letters on the browse pornstars page is quite difficult to read on the new black colour scheme.
  2. I've run into this before which I've put down to using Firefox with NoScripts. Fully temporarily allowing NA seemed to fix it if I recall.
  3. She's moving to Hawaii and only doing G/G from now on.
  4. I thought Lacey had retired. She's shot for NA before.
  5. Maybe NA should have waited before renaming her performer credits. Also unless I'm misreading things on her twitter she shot for MSHF recently.
  6. There have been other scenes in the past which were shot but never released such as Maxine Tyler's second NA scene. Which was a shame as Maxine didn't do that many scenes to begin with.
  7. So in the DVD version of the Jenna J Ross MWHF scene, there is constantly flickering white bar on the right side of the screen. There is also a constant background hum during the entire scene.
  8. So are we getting a Non-VR Alex Grey scene as well?
  9. Certain content with some performers has been exclusive to VR Lana Rhoades & Mia Malkova doing anal has only been in VR so far. Naughty Bookworms was also updated weekly then as well. Currently, it only gets one new video a month and several of those recent scenes have been remasters.
  10. So are the Dakota Skye & Holly Hendrix scenes instead of ones listed here?
  11. Content listed in upcoming scenes?
  12. So as it's a topic about Tori anyone ever watched the werewolf film she did?
  13. More Kharlie please
  14. So the five videos on Anal College are the only ones it will ever get?
  15. No script being shit and allowing all of the other buttons to be interacted with but the Picsets doing fuck all.