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  1. Consider my wish granted. NA you rock.
  2. It's very voyeuristic ; I have no problem with it at all if done well.
  3. Still waiting on Emma Starr's vid ; she said she was shooting in November (attempt #2) ; but what would be awesome would be getting Ginger Lynn back for one last vid. Preferably with Julia Ann. How about that for an Xmas Present!
  4. A women dressing up in something other than your garden variety Victoria's Secret get up is hardly "kink.com". I'm not talking about actual hardcore real dominatrix, it's called dress up and play - happens in many bedrooms on a regular basis. I mean NA basically do it once a year on Halloween, other than that it's basically the same scene over and over again with a woman desperate for a mans tool. Fantastic fantasy, how about some female empowerment I say!
  5. So NA is truly a great site, great models, high quality and professional with updates daily and regular VR postings twice a week like clockwork. But I do have to ask, how many times can a MILF get stranded in a kitchen, a young lad deliver the wrong package somewhere, a sisters friend happens by, your wife desperately needs a good seeing to? How about something a little more exotic than a girl in nice lingerie? Nicole Aniston as a Dominatrix - sign me up. A bit of leather, a bit of lace, a costume or two, a bit of female empowerment. Hell take Trashy Lingerie's originals line and order an outfit from each. . . grab some stuff from Coquette's Darque Collection . . . . be nice to see some spicy stuff!
  6. Have an Oculus and rarely watch 2D stuff at all any more.
  7. Well Happy Birthday anyway.
  8. Brandi again??? Can only hope this was a shoe-in replacement because of Mrs Starrs unfortunate cancellation.
  9. Better be VR!!
  10. Emma Starr meeting with NA today . . . it had better be a VR scene!!
  11. Emma Starr returned to Twitter to suggest she's not quite done yet . . . although that might just be GBs. Still worth asking!
  12. So Emma Starr has announced she's retiring this year. If you don't get her in a VR shoot before she does. . . . lots of people will be most sad.
  13. Why is VR still TBA (well the Monday one) when it was advertised on the site itself. Which I was a bit torn about to be honest, part of me likes the surprise, part of me wants to know whether to show up.
  14. Emma Starr shooting for NAM again . . .PLEASE be VR!
  15. Used to use Whirligig but these days LiveViewRift works best for me. Used to sound stutter on some old NAM vids but seems fine now. http://soft.viarum.com/liveviewrift/