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  1. The Ladies that Started it all... PSE: Jaclyn Taylor, Nikki Benz
  2. PSE: Nikki benz PSE: Nina Ellie
  3. Juelz Ventura. This MUST happen!
  4. All the PSE scenes start with a black screen. They are designed that way.
  5. Aristotle, is Kortney Kane retired as well? i might have asked for her already.
  6. damn. thats a shame.... she was one of the greats.
  7. Rachel Roxxx needs another VR scene. Abigal Mac also need another VR Scene.
  8. Nina Elle has been long over due. shes got a few videos with other sites. Bring her to VR!
  9. LVNDSCAPE how do you change the thumbnail images? I downloaded the images and used some desktop app to add the image to the file. The image shows up on my phone but when I open samsungVR (milkvr), it shows the videos first second screenshot.
  10. I'm using the Samsung Gear VR and I'm downloading the Gear VR files. When I open the files in the samsung VR app (formerly MilkVR) the scene always plays at 90 degrees from facing forward. I have to trick it by looking 90 degrees to the right and clicking button on the headset to readjust. Anyone else have this problem? Update: I figured it out. You have to set the screen to 180x180_3dv
  11. glad they made this happen! PSE series is legit
  12. PSE: Nicole Aniston! please please please make this happpen!
  13. The new Audrey Bitoni video is the best so far. Amazing improvements from previous videos.
  14. I made the folder "MilkVR" in the SD root directory but the videos don't show up in "sideloaded". They show up next to sideloaded as playlist. What am I doing wrong
  15. How do you change the thumbnail image for a downloaded file. i basically want this image: to be: