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  1. A gorgeous looking new young blonde with LA Direct Models. Have only watched her in a blowjob scene so far, but that was pretty hot. Lookwise she reminds me somewhat about young Nicole Aniston before she had a job on her boobs. And like Nicole Aniston, Nicolette Love also offers to do creampie scenes apparently.
  2. I'm rather still missing a b/gg or bb/gg scene with Nicole Aniston and Sydney Cole. Though, if it is to be a creampie one, I guess it would have to end with a creampie for both of them. Thus, just happy if a scene with these 2 gets made at all. Whatever way it finishes. Otherwise, pairing Nicole with this new female performer with the stage name Nicolette Love (LA Direct models), could be interesting, as Nicolette allmost looks like she could have been Nicole's late teens daughter, if Nicole ever had a teenage pregnancy childbirth. Also would like a scene with Elsa Jean or Ana Foxxx in it together, as, except for skin and hair colour, they look so alike. Particularly if you could pair Elsa with a black dude and Ana with a white dude. Would give the scene a nice visual touch IMO .
  3. I note that there's' been a lot of requests for "old timers" lately. Almost wonder if it's an instinctive reaction to all the newcumers that's flooded the scene over the last 2-3 yeras . There's always been girls that don't appear in more than 1-5 scenes sitewide before they're out of porn, but, I've never seen so many of them as over the last 2 years. And I must say I find it somewhat frustrating with all these promising and well performing beauties, that suddenly drops off the radar before they really starts to get going. Iggy Amore, Avalon Heart, Bambi Brooks, Zoe Parker, Rain Summers, Stevie Foxx, Avery Adair, Pepper Hart are just a few examples of what I'm thinking of.
  4. Agree ! THX Aidra! Also, a big THX to Cherie for an equally hot (and unexpected) 2nd week in a row creampie scene.
  5. Good to see some new stuff with Sydney cuming. Even w/out a creampie i would be quite happy, as I haven't seen new releases with her for a while outside of Twisty's, where I don't have a membership (too few creampie scenes there IMO). Otherwise nice also to see new stuff with Anya Olsen & JMac "the bear grunter" also cuming.
  6. ! Overall, allmost looks like a week on stereoids for creampie lovers like me, with 2 creampie scenes so far and another cuming later today . So what else to say than a big THX!
  7. Strangely I didn't find any previous topic specially dedicated to Sydney Cole in here when searching for it. Being a top performer for several years now, I guess she's familiar to most of you by now. Don't know if she handles bookings herself through sydneycolexxx@gmail.com, or if she's still on the books of East Coast Talents https://eastcoasttalents.com/site/talent/sydney-cole/. East Coast Talents at least continues to feature her as available on their talent rooster, but I have noted that she was somewhat pissed with the company on Twitter a while back. Or rather some other girls also on the roster of East Coast Talents pinching some of her stuff during a shoot (for the 2nd time). Anyway, would love to watch some new scenes on NA with lovely Sydney. Either without or with creampie.
  8. I wouldn't say no to more scenes with Ashley. Particularly not if creampie is on the menu. But new non-creampie stuff with her welcum as well.
  9. I was about to ask the same question. I would really love to watch Violet Starr do a creampie scene. And Aidra Fox is a proven superb performer of both creampie and anal scenes, so a new creampie scene with her too would be great. But I don't expect Cherie Deville to do creampie 2 weeks in a row.
  10. There is something wrong with the last scene with Keisha Grey of 07/13/2017. http://members.naughtyamerica.com/scene/keisha-grey-22967. At least the HD 480p mp4 download version of the scene & the streaming video version. From about halfway into the scene, the view goes into varying intervals of complete black, except for the NA watermark in the lowermost right corner, before the picture comes back on again. An issue with the camera shooting the scene maybe? Too bad, as Keisha performed superbly in the scene and looked more stunning than ever.
  11. THX to Cherie DeVille for another superb creampie scene on 7/14/17. And btw, with regards to the 3 blonde super cougars in the biz, Cherie, Brandi Love & Julia Ann (though I guess by now Nicole Aniston can be added in as the 4th "member of the club" as well), it has not gone unnoticed that Cherie has been the most active on the creampie front lately. Thus, yet another big THX and a big hug.
  12. Charity is really something! The way she performs in her scenes has bucketloads of sensuality about it. On the downside, except for her scene with Ryan Madison on Teenfidelity, she's not done much creampie scenes so far. But she did that scene very well, even though those fidelity scenes quite often have an aura of violence and enforced sex about them that really don't work all that well for me. This scene with Charity fortunately wasn't the worst in that regard. Anyway, Charity, in terms of how she performs in front of the camera, is a sight to behold!
  13. THX to Mia Malkova for her great 7/9/17 Sunday creampie scene. Mia at her very best, and with the same sort of magic about it as in some of the scenes from her early days in porn. And as hideously beautiful & sexy as ever. Also THX to Ana Foxxx for her creampie scene of 6/25/17. Surely not her debut creampie scene, but the frst one I can remember having cum across. Now one of my dream porn scenes is a "checkerboard" creampie bb/gg 4-some, with Ana Foxx being creampied by a white guy and Elsa Jean being creampied by a Black guy. But I guess one would more have to look towards Greg Lansky than NA for something like that ever to happen.
  14. No suggestion about performers and such. But I've noted that in the scene listing interface, that also includes new scenes being published on the "extra sites" like TNGF and Teens VR, it is not stated for those "extra sites" scenes wether they contain creampie or anal. In relation to that it has to be said that I've not signed up for membership with any of those extra sites (TNGF, Mrs. Creampie, Teens VR. etc.), cause I don't have any idea of how many creampie scenes they contain (except for Mrs. Creampie that is ). And the amount of creampie on offer is a very important factor for me, with regards to wether I find it worth spending money on signing up for membership to a site or not. In that regard I would f.ex. not recommend signing up with 21st naturals, who for an erotic porn site contains a laughably small amount of creampie scenes (but rather more for those that are into anal from my experience with the site in question). But then there was this other erotic porn site that contained tons of creampie scenes, but who was not very public about it on their entry main page, towards potential new members. Something I did not discover, until I signed up for pure curiosity, after having just noted the existence of the site for several years. My suggestion then is that if a new scene on f.ex. TNGF contains creampie or anal, if you tag it with creampie or anal, just like you do with the scenes on your ordinary sites, it would be a relatively cheap way to promote your "extra sites" like f.ex. TNGF, to non "extra site" members like me, if those sites do contain enough goodies like creampie or anal to prove tempting to sign on to.
  15. Link doesn't work any more, and her Twitter says self booking. She's made 2 very good creampie scenes for NA over the last year or so, but guess it can't be creampie every time. Still more scenes with her would be nice.