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  1. Did your membership expire? You should message tech support and if that doesn't work drop Lauren an email
  2. With today's social media, the smart play is to keep it to yourself who you will and won't work with. I'm in no way excusing the people that bullied her, just in a general rule people should follow. Just like it wouldn't be smart to say "I won't do interracial".
  3. I didn't respond b/c Matty is a clown. he's our clown. but a clown none the less.
  4. Why do I remember your name but as a trouble maker?
  5. It is what it is. I agree that's it is a bad marketing decision. Playboy customers aren't like the type that would appreciate a Tranny in the magazine. That's just my guess.
  6. What are the odds that 2 Mods share the same birthday? LMAO. Happy Birthday to you buddy
  7. LMAO....He posted a few hours early Thanks Artie
  8. Griff, Lay off insulting of people's families. That's not cool. Other than that carry on.
  9. Good for you Artie! Anytime the Cowboys lose, it's a good day!
  10. Hey Friend, You are the 1 trash talking Akron. I'm asking the hard questions that need to be answered.
  11. I can see, as usual, you can't have an intelligent conversation and answer questions.
  12. 2 of the best basketball players in the world were born in Akron, Ohio. How many times have you been to Akron? And if so when was the most recent time?
  13. That's fucked up.
  14. Browns covered against Pittsburgh. Were favorites against Indy @ Indy which didn't make sense.... And the Rumors are that LA sucks so bad for football, Chargers may move back to San Diego
  15. Well, another week and another loss for the Browns. This time to the shitty Colts. They came back, made it close, but Kizer needs to cut down the the mistakes. I see potential. He's gotta get it going soon or they'll draft another QB. Also, how about them Steelers?
  16. I wasn't overly impressed. It was decent. Not life changing. I don't go out of my way to watch it.
  17. You are spot on about Haslam. He's got a huge ego. Who else runs a GM/Coach out after 1 year. I think he's ran 2 coaches out after 1 year. It all runs together with so many coaches. Defense wasn't as good vs Ravens, but still were in much of the game. Kizer played liked a rookie. Makes some good throws but trying to force throws. Normal for a rookie. He needs to show a lot of improvement by next season or we'll be picking another QB.
  18. I agree with you. I think the concept is super cool. And it does look good. I have not tried it since NA first came out with it, but too many steps to get it working on my phone. I don't want to put that kind of effort into that. Probably would be easier with a non-apple product though. Apple isn't a fan of adult content
  19. So Matty, How about the NFL opener. The Browns gave your boys almost more than they could handle. Then of course we go and play the Ravens and get lit up. I believe the Browns are going in the right direction, they just need to stay the course and Jimmy needs to be patient. Can't blow it up again after this year. No matter what.
  20. Wow. You went back 5 years. Sounds like someone needs a life. Good ole Artie. And I am in fact a Browns fan. Sadly. Hey Matty! How are you doing buddy? LA fans do suck!
  21. She's not bad
  22. Whatever. I was referring to the time recently she did.