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  1. bump please !!
  2. more of Isis Love please !!
  3. bump please !!
  4. would love to see her here at NA please ..
  5. bump please !!
  6. maybe after she will join NA as well .. bummer still
  7. happy to see a scene to be released of India next week that is non-MFST and non-MFHM, with MWHF along with Van Wylde though know that NA knows better but get her to do scenes with Logan Long or Rob Piper .. just saying ..
  8. Happy to see a India Summer scene for next week, thanks for the updates Nicole. the male talent with India .. sigh Is there a thread for Remaster requests? I feel that the two Naughty Office scenes of Roxy Deville deserve to be remastered?
  9. Get her to play a Teacher or a Boss .. get her for something please !!
  10. Aaliyah and India together please .. make it happen
  11. would love to see her again, but is she active? felt she just slipped away from the radar?
  12. Yes, India can do the Corporate look damn well ..
  13. Samantha at NA on a frequent basis please !!!
  14. would love to see India Summer with Rob Piper (not sure if NA likes him) or maybe with Isiah Maxwell again ..
  15. Would love to see Janice play a stalker .. anything of her actually .. maybe even an Office scene ..