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  1. lets hope that NA casts her for more NA site scenes with that new hair look
  2. would be happy to see Tori Black back at NA, maybe for TNGF or anything ..
  3. hope you guys will be casting her as a Teacher again with that new hair color, maybe in a bun
  4. thanks NA for the Tonights Girlfriend scene with India .. love her new hair color, she looks great Special mention for the roleplay story used - India uses a very Harvey Weinstein-esque scenario with Bambino .. love it lol
  5. Yes Yes Yes and Yes again ... thank you NA !!
  6. is she returning to B/G scenes?
  7. would love to see Silvia soon at NA ..
  8. hope you have more India scenes planned for this year ..
  9. would love to see Dani play a Teacher again .. maybe another Office scene, or a Neighbor Affair one
  10. would definitely love to see her in NA, preferably in MFST or NO ..
  11. Would love to see Brenda and India together .. but then, India would go well with many others on Wives on Vacation [if NA still wishes to feature that site] - Reagan Foxx, Silvia Saige maybe Vanilla Deville .. wishful thinking, would be great if she returned
  12. think she does only GG scenes now ..
  13. Story Idea: The male talent is watching TV and he turns to the News Channel, his girlfriend frowns upon it, but he wants to watch the news. She leaves to the bedroom. Real reason he did that: he wanted to watch the News Hostess India Summer. He has a massive crush on her and starts imagining what if he could meet her and get personal with her. He dozes off and imagines that India Summer visits him in that hall where he was seated. She seduces him and he has the time of his life. He wakes up from his dream, he has a boner. His girlfriend finds him watching TV with a boner, she is pissed off and shouts at him and leaves. He tries to explain and we see India Summer in the screen, looking at the camera and giving us a wink .. American Daydreams .. Hope you could do something like this ..
  14. you ask for non-VR scenes and you get a H1on1 scene .. NA, please be nice
  15. Brenda James .. Damn, nice to see her again Just a doubt, maybe I am the only one who sees it that way, with VR being so popular [my thoughts ], shouldn't H1on1 be phased out or maybe integrated into the VR series?India Summer's most recent scene is a VR scene and next week we have a H1on1 scene. I mean, is there a huge difference between the two, apart from the equipment used by the viewer? Nonetheless, happy to see a scene of India .. maybe H1on1 is an excuse to hide the male talent that may not be likeable to all lol