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  1. would love to see her in an Office Scenario
  2. A VR scene? Bound to happen when its India Summer .. ah well, might as well join the VR brigade, have to buy that thing I guess .. But NA, kindly do feature more non-VR of India please ..
  3. thanks for bringing in Jane, NA .. please do feature her more often ..
  4. Chloe .. bump !!!
  5. get Dani back at NA again please ..
  6. would love to see Isis team up with India Summer in a Corporate Scenario where the two ladies complain about the quality of young men these days .. Maybe Logan Long could be apt for it lol
  7. bump again !!
  8. actually loved the Naughty Office scene of Cherie with Charles Dera .. deserves a sequel where she brings a friend of hers or the woman who C Dera was screwing decides to compete with Cherie maybe ..
  9. please get Silvia more often here at NA ..
  10. think we have a scene of hers coming up soon .. looking forward to that
  11. would love to see Sofi in non-VR .. she's great, maybe Naughty Office
  12. would love to see Veronica play a Teacher .. a disgruntled one perhaps ..
  13. Dont think he will, it kinda makes the scene look a lil funny (not for all for sure)
  14. will we hear views from the NA Admin on this topic? would be interesting to hear their thoughts as well By the way, I dont mind at all [above names] .. lookin at most of my requests within the forum, they are for MILFs and Cougars .. very Finch a la American Pie I guess
  15. Wonder if it would be or is really hard to release 4-6 MILF scenes per month (2-3 per week) .. Also, the MILF / Cougar line is getting blurred perhaps I guess .. maybe NA needs to think of better scenarios or so .. just thinking out loud, I can be wrong lol