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  1. Then why would you make all of those statements about what Naughty America should or should not do?
  2. Then who would be the models?
  3. Coming Friday...
  5. Why do you say VRP is better technically?
  6. This is being fixed. Thank you.
  8. If its not fitted on your head, I would imagine it would be hard to enjoy. It's amazing when you find the right head set. It's a whole new experience.
  9. HardSpanker, what do you think???????
  10. Pretty funny:) Hardpsanker, lots of great points. We will be presenting a more formal stance on how customers will receive and access VR content in a couple months. For now we will do our best to release one per week subject to chaos:)
  11. Yes the file is posted for smart phones that works with Google Cardboard.
  12. We will have a date shortly for release this week:)
  13. Were you able to cancel your account?
  14. Its coming and all going in this direction.
  15. People got a free account for services in the past including moderation.