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  1. what is the website address?
  2. sooner or later they will cancel new scenes too.... you watch
  3. I've almost had it with naughty america.... I am really considering not renewing my membership after this year. Everybody in this world is greedy, sorry that the higher ups can't buy another boat from losing money..
  4. Flyers take game 3 4-3
  5. Go Flyers!!!! Bring home the cup after 35 years!!! We need it!!
  6. Is this month's party still going on? I'm sure people have reserved a hotel room and a plane ticket in anticipation....
  7. ya me tooo....
  8. Is this serious?
  9. is that a change or is the technical problems?
  10. Is it just me, or did anyone else experience the live show today of Haley Cummings Live Party Girl extremely choppy as to the point of not being able to enjoy the show? I love Haley with a passion but I just couldn't watch the show because the Video feed was too choppy..
  11. Server seems to go down pretty regularly.....