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  1. So many douchebag trolls on that comments section....some being bible thumping fucktards claiming these pornstars are dying for their sins. Too many fucking idiots in this world, man. Way too many.
  2. Are you a man with a mild criticism of a female? Youre obviously a sexist and a misogynist, and if youre a white man, youre also likely a rapist. Are you are white person who simply doesnt find a black person attractive? Youre a disgusting racist. Blacks dont have to be attracted to whites....but if youre a white person who isnt attracted to every god damn minority person out there? You must be a fucking piece of shit racist. Dont think transgenders should get special treatment? You piece of subhuman shit!!! There are 12,000 genders....fuck science. You can wake up any given day and be whatever gender you want? Dont agree? You deserve to die. My fucking point is....social media is infested with digusuting humans from all walks of life, but social media, along with almost the entirety of the mainstream media is run by nutjob liberals who would never allow a gay person or a minority to be attacked so savagely, but they have no problem letting white people get bullied, especially if its in the name of bullshit virtue signaling from pathetic pieces of subhuman shit who just want to make it look like they are fighting a good fight. And for the record, I dont downplay August's mental issues in her taking her own life, but its always the same crowd doing the bullying these days in the bullshit name of social justice. I hate to bring politics into this, but again, the supposedly tolerant left, as always, proves once again to be the least tolerant of all. And no, Im not some far-right, woman beating white supremacist.....Im a moderate who absolutely loathes modern liberalism and everything it has devolved into.....such as attacking anyone and everyone who doesnt share your ideals.
  3. Is she actually back? I know she has had a few scenes pop up, but are they new or just scenes filmed before she quit?
  4. Playboy has been going downhill for a long time now. This is just another nail in the coffin.
  5. Making Ynot a mod is clearly what destroyed this place.
  6. We definitely need an entire thread for you to whine about a condom. Thanks.
  7. Just saw a scene of hers from RK. Extremely fucking hot, even if lacking a little energy. Would like to see her on NA... http://skyntalent.com/2065_Brooke-Sinclaire.html
  8. Wasnt trying to be funny, but thanks.
  9. Yeah....Haslam honestly needs to give this regime 5 full years. The Browns were such a disaster when Hue Jackson and company took over. Actually, its a disaster every time a new regime has taken over, but Haslam seems to expect immediate results....which just arent going to happen short of some kind of miracle offseason. I really like what Im seeing from the defense, but its an extremely young defense that is still missing some key pieces, especially in the secondary. The Browns have some phenomenal pass rushing talent and speedy LBs. On offense, I still think they need alot of work. Kizer has shown flashes, but if the Browns are picking top 3 in the draft again, they shouldnt pass on a top QB unless there is some extremely special talent at another position. I like David Njoku and Corey Coleman as building blocks. I still think they lack a true number 1 WR, RB and obviously, not convinced yet that Kizer is a long term starting QB in this league. Bottom line....they have a decent foundation to build on, but there is still alot of work to be done. Hopefully, Haslam realizes that and lets it play out for another 3 years, because the constant turnover and rebuildling is never going to get the Browns anywhere. The one thing they have lacked for pretty much ever in the modern NFL is stability. I dont know if the current regime is the right answer or not, but when you hire people to fix a team that was in the shape the Browns were in when they took over, you damn well better be prepared to give them at LEAST 5 years. There is such a culture of losing there, that not only does the regime need to find the talent to make a good team, they also have to turn the attitude around, because lets face it....when good players go to the Browns via free agency, its MAINLY because they just want the huge paycheck....not because they want to win Superbowls. The Browns need to be able to draw players who want to come there to WIN....and that will take some time. If I were the Browns, a few things I would do.... 1) If they are picking top 3 in the draft in 2018, take a QB. Its a strong QB class, and even if you like Kizer, competition breeds excellence. Draft a QB, have the rookie and Kizer compete for the next 2-3 years and hope one of them becomes the franchise guy. If they both look great, you could probably trade one off for 2 first rounders at some point. And also, try to bring in a quality veteran backup to go with these QBs. Maybe a guy like Carson Palmer next year.....not to start, but just to give them a veteran presence for the young QBs to learn from. 2) While Crowell is good, I dont think he is a feature back. You dont necessarily NEED a feature back in todays league, Crowell seems to think he is going to be one and wants to be paid as such (based on what Ive heard/read).. IF they lose him, there are plenty of directions they can go next year. I am of the opinion that quality RBs arent extremely hard to find and that the OLine is heavily connected to how successful a RB is. I just hope the Browns dont go and spend huge money on a guy like LeVeon Bell. Not because Bell is a Steeler and it would pain me to see him on the Browns, but because I just think that would be a desperation move, and I hope (for your sake, anyway), that the Browns have moved on from that. Carlos Hyde will likely get a big payday, but MIGHT be more affordable if you want a feature back. For a tandem backfield....maybe sign Jeremy Hill and draft a speedy back to pair him with.....or something along those lines. 3) WR is really the position I think the Browns need to be focused on. If there is one position I think they should spend big on, its WR. Now, I know that doesnt always work out....but if they like Kizer or draft a rookie, they need to give him a reliable weapon. Coleman is a nice deep threat....and Njoku should be a good TE....but they need a quality possession guy. Unfortunately, the only WR that I think could do wonders for the Browns in free agency is Sammy Watkins, but I think he will be resigned by the Rams. His presence has made Goff a much better QB. The Browns need that. 4) Joe Thomas is great, but I think he is slowing down a bit. Doesnt have the same lateral movement he once had. Still good, but it might be time to move on there. 5) I really like the potential in the Browns front 7....but I think they still need another big bodied DT. Shelton is good. They dont have much beyond him. 6) Secondary still needs alot of work. Peppers should be solid. Not sold on anyone else as true, long term starters. Guys like McCourty and Taylor are stop gaps. The Browns pass rush should help whoever is in the secondary, but they need to add some talent. This is another position I think the Browns could potentially spend big on come next offseason....if the right people are available. Pardon my rant....but its 8am and I cant sleep, and I have work from 3-11....fuck my life.
  10. Browns definitely looked solid vs the Steelers. I do think some of our players are rusty from barely playing in preseason or not playing at all....but I think the Browns looked smarter and more disciplined on defense....and Kizer showed flashes. Its too soon to say anything though. I thought they were on the right track several years ago but they ended up going backwards. I like several pieces, but I still dont like Jimmy Haslam as owner. If he stays out of it and remains patient, I think things might pay off. Im not convinced his ego will allow him to do that, though. Time will tell.
  11. This isnt even a shot at Artie, but LA notoriously has the worst sports fans....especially when it comes to football. I expect the Chargers to go back to San Diego within 10 years, or maybe go to another city like San Antonio or Portland. The Rams will probably stick it out because the NFL will do anything to make a team in LA work, but 2 teams? That wont last. I guarantee it.
  12. ....says the guy with the leaky tampon who cant handle people disagreeing with him about VR.
  13. Well Lauren, its also not nice to shove it down your customers throats by making intrusive ads pop up over the playback bar in the members area. Just sayin'.
  14. Then dont watch it. He IS 18. Thats what matters. Maybe youre just so old, you dont know what an 18 year old looks like anymore, because he absolutely looks over 18. Still looks young, but 14? Yeah...no.
  15. If this place used mods like mods on most forums are used, you would be the best mod this place has ever had. Mods are supposed to keep things from getting out of hand when it comes to arguments and making sure things didnt go way off course....and if they ever cared about that here, you would be an ideal mod because youre usually level headed. However, on this forum, most mods they have had have instigated and poured fuel on the fire way more often than they tried to keep things civil. Dont get me wrong....thats what led to alot of entertainment on here over the years.....but as I said, if mods on here were what mods are SUPPOSED to be, you would be the best for the job out of everyone I recall having it....no offense Tony.