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  1. Agree. "In the End" is one of the most nostalgic songs ever for me. This song was everywhere when I first got out of bootcamp back in 2001 and that song reminds me so much of my time in the service....and I was a huge LP fan ever since. Its sad....the guy seemed real chill, even if it was clear he had his demons. He was apparently molested as a kid and had contemplated suicide before. He was also a good friend of Chris Cornell, who died recently as well. Regardless, its very sad.
  2. You sound like such an obnoxious fanboy. If you like it the best, so be it. Saying someone is wrong because they dont agree with your opinion is what douchebags do. VR is okay, but thats it....okay.... IMO. Its just next level POV porn....and I can completely understand why some arent huge on it. Im certainly not. Doesnt mean Im wrong....it just means I am not as impressed as others are. I think that could change somewhere down the line since I feel like the concept is still in its infancy stages.....but as of right now, I just think its merely solid.
  3. Anyone dumb enough to fall for that deserves to be scammed.
  4. VR is still in its infancy. Even the higher end ones are still limited in many ways. Probably be another 10 years before its truly a spectacle.
  5. I fucking hate that a girl so hot is being wasted with an exclusive contract to those sites. Most of her scenes have been amazing, but I want to see her elsewhere. I doubt it ever happens....which fucking sucks, but the point is anything exclusive kind of sucks.
  6. I fucking love you, Aristotle.....but I also kinda hate you for always having an answer. Fucker.
  7. Ive been trying to find out who this girl is for the last few days. Pretty sure the guy is Nat Turner. Anyone know who the girl is? https://xhamster.com/movies/6663908/sweaty_sex.html
  8. Those poor boys. They will never recover from this. That teacher's career is over. She should embark on a new career....perhaps something in the performance arts field....perhaps on camera....in a compromising situation.... .....she should do porn.
  9. Yea, youre right. Alex D. Those two being in it helped, but it couldve been so much better with a good male performer. My point still stands, though. Castle may get overused, but Ill take that over performers like Alex D.
  10. I just watched the Lana Rhoades/Kylie Page scene from a few months back, and thats a perfect example of why people shouldnt complain about Johnny Castle. Please NA, never use that T, Stone guy ever ever again. Dude couldnt handle it. He had to pull out every 5 seconds. Completely ruined what shouldve been an amazing scene.
  11. Even if true, doesnt mean she wont come back at some point.
  12. Its a legit question. You fuckers need to be more sensitive.
  13. Its awful. I hate it. Warm hugs to all.
  14. Ive come around more too, but its still in its infancy and IMO just a better version of H1on1. Ive heard some people say "once you try this, it will ruin regular porn" for you, which IMO is horseshit. I mean, might do that for some people, but its definitely nowhere close to the new standard.