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  1. she did one with seth gamble for another site & it was awesome with a capital "fuck yeah"!!!
  2. yeah, i like her. she's done some very nice scenes for some other sites and i just wanted to see if n.a. would consider her as well???
  3. thanx nicole!!!
  4. i think portia harlow would be an excellent candidate for a milf scene in either mfhm, mfst, sbc or even mrs. creampie, if that site is still viable??? what do you guys think???
  5. i concur!!!
  6. i'm confused!!! i thought nicole took lauren's place???
  7. contrary to popular belief, this isn't me!!!
  8. yeah, twitter, snapchat & instagram seem to be the sites of preference for all the pornstars now.
  9. ouch!!! at least it looks like it's just the ends of the fingers and so at least he won't lose any range of motion. still, i bet that hurts like a motherfucker!!! my neighbor cut off one of his fingers in a snowblower incident a couple of years ago, but the reattachment didn't work and so they ended up having to amputate it again. his was tore completely off though, all the way back to the knuckle and so there was all kinds of nerve, muscle and bone damage throughout the finger and hand. tommy's fingers look like they still have good color to them, which is good and so i would bet he will be able to fully recover eventually. he might lose sensation on the tips, but if that's the worst of it, i'm sure he could live with that, considering it could have been much worse!!!
  10. dude, that's harsh!!!
  11. thanx nicole!!! i'm very much looking forward to one of these scenes, but i will refrain from any further comment though because the last time i said i was looking forward to a particular scene, it ended up having technical difficulties and wasn't released. so i will just shut it.
  12. thanx to whomever deleted my duplicate post. not sure what i did to cause it to happen???
  13. don't ask me how this posted twice???
  14. thanx nicole!!! nice mix of milfs this week!!!