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  1. thanx nicole!!!
  2. very sad news!!! 35 is just way too young!!!
  3. thanx nicole!!! unless i'm mistaken, this will be lexi luna's first scene for n.a.???
  4. i feel your pain, jack, but if you go back just a few pages in this forum, you will find many posts about this starting on page 355 and going forward for the next couple few pages. evidently they had "technical difficulties" which prevented the scenes from being released, which is a bummer too because i was really looking forward to seeing syren and stated so in this forum. guess my anticipation was the kiss of death??? she's not the only one either. it happens. it's my understanding that nothing can be done about it other than to re-shoot a new scene and only if n.a. sees fit to do so. keep your fingers crossed!!!
  5. thanx nicole!!!
  6. i concur!!!
  7. thanx nicole!!! sure woulda been nice if we could have gotten the julia ann / michael vegas mfhm halloween scene as the remastered scene for this week??? oh well, can't have it all. keep up the good work!!!
  8. bump
  9. thanx nicole!!!
  10. nice!!!
  11. a boy can dream, can't he???
  12. maybe you could hunt down vanilla deville & coax her out of retirement???
  13. thanx nicole!!!
  14. thanx nicole!!! brenda james??? been awhile since we've seen her - 4 years in fact. who else has been m.i.a. for a long time but might have a chance to make a "cumback" to n.a. sometime??? sure would like to see a return of vanilla deville!!! (hint-hint)