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  1. i guess the name of the game is "dependable male talent". as long as the guy doesn't fuck the scene up and negatively take away from the performance of the woman, or even makes her look even better and brings out the best in her, that's really all you can ask for. i'm just not really too keen on the recent trend of using really young looking male performers like jordi el nino polla, juan el caballo loco & ricky spanish. they look like 12-year old boys and with me being an old fucker, i just cannot relate to their scenes whatsoever and have actually taken to not even bother watching them now.
  2. actually i think there was a scene once where a guy did a cartwheel after fucking a woman. i think it was jeremey holmes after he fucked sophia mounds. https://tour.naughtyamerica.com/scene/mrs-mounds-222?nats=
  3. yeah baby!!! i've not seen the scene yet, but i have seen some of the pictures and it appears that she has had a breast reduction/restructuring??? that's not necessarily a bad thing, unless you're really into great big tits. she's still bigger than most, just not as voluptuous as she used to be. she's certainly more symmetrical though as her left nipple used to be significantly lower than the right, but now they appear to be much more aligned with each other. i must say that i would certainly love to see her in another new scene for "naughty america" real soon!!!
  4. i concur - hilarious and sexy at the same time. keep up the good work!!!
  5. thanx nicole!!!
  6. can you provide more details, like what did the performer look like - i.e. hair color, approximate age range, boob size, etc??? there are hundreds if not thousands of scenes out there that involve bikini modeling seduction like you mentioned. at first blush i would say it was probably rk's "bikini shop show down" with sophie paige nee tessa west, who sadly passed away back in 2009. she was a blonde in that scene. she did a number of other scenes in her later years as a brunette before her untimely demise at the age of just 27. she only had 2 scenes with n.a. as far as i can tell - https://tour.naughtyamerica.com/pornstar/tessa-west neither one of which do her justice. i always liked her as a performer, but some people thought she was boring. evidently she didn't do enough fake grunting and groaning when she was being fucked???
  7. yeah, i'm the exact opposite. to each his own!!!
  8. the emma starr scene with damon dice today was everything i could hope for. thanx!!!
  9. embarrrassment??? check out julia ann's bio. according to n.a. she turned 418 years old on january 1st??? https://tour.naughtyamerica.com/pornstar/julia-ann?nats= Julia Ann 2 Scenes Julia Ann Video Ratings: 9.4 / 10 stars hair color Blonde birth date Jan 1, 1600 eye color Blue birth place Los Angeles, California, USA pussy type Bald, Outie Pussy age group MILF body type Curvy Woman nationality American boob type Huge Fake Tits ethnicity Caucasian ass type Medium Ass weight 128 tattoos both ankles; right breast; above tailbone; back of neck height 5'8 piercings None meas 34E-24-38
  10. what he said!!!
  11. what he said!!!
  12. best wishes to all you naughty americans for an awesome 2018!!!
  13. i much rather prefer milfs and cougars!!! to each his own though.
  14. a little dab'll do ya!!!
  15. thanx nicole and a naughty new year to you as well.