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  1. omg yes please!!! and did you see what she's available for??? Available For: Big Boobs Blow Jobs Bondage Boy/Boy/Girl Boy/Girl Boy/Girl/Girl Creampies Fetish Foot Jobs Gang Bangs Girl/Girl Girl/Girl Interracial Girl/Girl/Girl Hand Jobs Interracial Milf Orgy Prints/Stills Soft-core Solo Solo with Toys Squirts
  2. i concur!!!
  3. ask and you shall recieve!!! http://tour.naughtyamerica.com/scene/cherie-deville-22997?nats=
  4. bummer
  5. actually, i don't think either brandi love nor julia ann has ever done a creampie scene for "naughty america". julia did do one for the fledgling "mrs. creampie" stand-alone site, but nothing on the mainsite.
  6. why not??? she's done it before. in fact, she once did it 3 weeks in a row!!! see for yourself: http://tour.naughtyamerica.com/scene/cherie-deville-20555?nats= http://tour.naughtyamerica.com/scene/cherie-deville-20467?nats= http://tour.naughtyamerica.com/scene/cherie-deville-20425?nats=
  7. i saw where shayla recently graduated from some sort of medical school training, so not sure if she is pursuing some other form of mainstream employment, or if she is even still in "the business"??? if she is still available, i sure would like to see her do a new scene for "naughty america" sometime please!!!
  8. loved her "dirty wives club" scene with johnny castle. and with my favorite type of finish too!!!
  9. her performance speaks for itself!!! but just to indulge you, here you go!!!
  10. best - post - ever!!!
  11. thanx nicole!!! keep up the good work!!!
  12. i think her last 2 scenes with mark wood and ryan mclane were kinda meh. she just didn't seem to have any sort of chemistry with either one of those two guys. from looking at her previous work, i would say there is one guy who she certainly has chemistry with and that is chad white. i would suggest either a "naughty office" or "my wife's hot friend" scene for them.
  13. i concur!!!
  14. you already had your answer in the quote - ** ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE*