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  1. Thank you, this has been fixed.
  2. Yes, thank you
  3. We’ve recently moved to a better CDN, however, the data does need time to be cached by the nodes around the world. Meaning, if a node around you doesn’t have that many requests, usually requesting that file a few times will kick-start the speed. If you still have issues, please visit support.latouraineinc.com and submit a support ticket to get additional assistance.
  4. Thank you, this will be corrected but there is audio from the left side as of now.
  5. I have downloaded and played this file (5.5gb) on 2 different PC's and all plays for me. Have you tried to stream it and does that give you any problems?
  6. Try Mobile VR Station.
  7. Have you tried adjusting your settings to 180 degree field of view, side by side or SBS, and fisheye distortion ?
  8. Creampie tag has been added, thank you.
  9. From our VR team's research, it does appear possibly to be an Samsung update issue. I do apologize for any inconvenience, if you haven't seen this Maybe there is some helpful info here, but we too are aware and will remedy if any possible fixes are on our end. It does seem to be on Samsung's end at this point.
  10. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dv.adm1:54 PM Open Hangout Assuming you are on a Android device, give this app a try, but 4K files are not adequate for tablet use.
  11. Creampie has been added as a tag, thank you.
  12. Sorry about that, it should be fixed
  13. This has been fixed since Friday, try clearing your browsers cache and download again.
  14. This has been fixed
  15. This has been fixed