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  1. awesome week
  2. do we get 2 kimmy updates this week then, or was this a typo
  3. what a well thought out comeback, well done
  4. why so many shit posts ? you are boring , he is one of the best they use fact
  5. pls get this hotty back on na
  6. its not ihw lexi belle is it
  7. kimmy,, is there a list for this week ? plsssss
  8. no it hadnt, all sorted ty, feel free to deleted
  9. i can login but it says my membership expired
  10. as hot as she looks in this scene having a 16 minute lead in on a 35 minute scene is way to long was boring
  11. would love to see this hottie back on na pref in mfst
  12. what a prickish thing to say
  13. exactly
  14. more remasters ? really
  15. good to have sins back on na, pls book him more
  16. bump with castle pls
  17. hey , your scene today was awesome, you are stunning, id love to see you more on na x
  18. bump mwhf with castle pls
  19. Please get this beauty back on na in a scene [ she was an extra today] , direct book
  20. todays scene with tana lees audio is messed up, the audio is two seconds quicker than video, you hear voices before lips move
  21. can we suggest the actors too
  22. totally agree , with 2 vr too
  23. bump , with castle pls
  24. gutting, she looks amazing, and with castle too