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  1. time to bring back castle please
  2. any idea when this scene will be released, she looks amazing
  3. bump pls
  4. more kimmy pls not vr
  5. cool hope so
  6. seen her on another site she must be back, pls get her on na
  7. do u think they will release the scenes he has already shot like this
  8. what else in your opinion could it be ?
  9. is it down to money ? do brazzers pay more ? and bigger budget ?
  10. bump
  11. bump
  12. Please get this beauty back on na in a scene [ she was an extra today] , direct book
  13. looks amazing too , pls get her on na
  14. would love to see more of this beauty on na,
  15. hell yes
  16. totally agree, third time i've written this it keeps being deleted
  17. my fiancee said the same
  18. dera needs to lose that moustache
  19. bump
  20. one of the reasons i've cancelled
  21. preston parker,.damon dice, van wylde,sean lawless,.mike mancini and tyler steel, compared to sins,corvus,francesco,cash,castle,pierce , to name a few. just my opinion
  22. i agree with you , not about the looking bit but as a performer yes because imo the male talent used now instead are far worse then the replacements that would of been used in the past , hence why i cancelled
  23. , i dont mind seth, ill quite happily watch a scene he is in. imo castle is the best they were currently using but they seem to have dropped him now too i just think the majority of the males used now are not as good and some of them make scenes unwatchable i have not watched a scene for weeks so have cancelled
  24. tend to agree, for first time in nearly 5 years, i have cancelled my membership today
  25. bit harsh mate, there hasnt been as many scenes i want to watch in last two weeks but it does go like that , next week i could like 8 scenes it happens