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  1. awesome week
  2. do we get 2 kimmy updates this week then, or was this a typo
  3. what a well thought out comeback, well done
  4. why so many shit posts ? you are boring , he is one of the best they use fact
  5. its not ihw lexi belle is it
  6. kimmy,, is there a list for this week ? plsssss
  7. no it hadnt, all sorted ty, feel free to deleted
  8. as hot as she looks in this scene having a 16 minute lead in on a 35 minute scene is way to long was boring
  9. what a prickish thing to say
  10. exactly
  11. i can login but it says my membership expired
  12. more remasters ? really
  13. good to have sins back on na, pls book him more
  14. bump with castle pls
  15. hey , your scene today was awesome, you are stunning, id love to see you more on na x