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  1. The answer to these questions are answered in the ad on the members main page. Apparently the plan going forward with BTVR is that they are doing episodes in "seasons" and the new scene is the first episode. Possibly another 5 scenes will be in this season.
  2. They are still there. Under the video click 'download' and options for downloading come up and it is the 'on the go' version.
  3. welcome
  4. Depends on who your payment went though. You need to do it through SegPay's or Epoch's websites. Here are the links for the sites to help you with who your payments went through. SegPay Epoch
  5. I use chrome and have never come across this issue even with having 2 different ad blockers active on NA. Could possibly be something with certain browsers or people trying to use download managers which NA does not officially support.
  6. has the cherie video been fixed yet?
  7. There may be also scenes that have been removed for a variety of reasons as well. Emma Starr is missing quite a few scenes on here as well, so many performers have had videos removed as well.
  8. Since when? Her scenes from 2012 and earlier dont have condoms in them.
  9. I love that this surprise was the return of Johnny Sins to NA, hopefully this means we will be seeing more of him on here.
  10. could that you have downloaded too much at one time as per the last point why it may have been blocked, although i have never run into this issue before.
  11. I really don't find anything worthwhile by VR, its just another for of POV videos which i'm not into anyway. I do think the concept is cool and does appeal to certain ppl but the product is lacking compared to traditional non pov 2d videos.
  12. Naughty America does not officially support download managers, try downloading directly from the site.
  13. you deffinitely have the two of them confused. They both have had some good scenes but i believe Juan is a better fit than Jordi because he actually knows english and can speak it unlike Jordi, but i'm not knocking either of them, they both have had some good scenes.
  14. besides that, i thought Johnny would have made it to 1000 scenes like Keiren did on bz and we would have gotten a special scene like they did for India on here.
  15. Edit: Wrong Thread
  16. what do you mean?
  17. I'm sure as a young talent Juan” El Caballo” Loco may be a good fit, but not sure if he is exclusive to BangBros or not. think he would make a good fit shooting possiby.
  18. i always thought that maybe it was on the schedule to be shot that particular day and fast tracked for release but who knows unless they tell us.
  19. i actually didn't mind Buddy, too bad he left the industry, would've liked to see him more scenes, better than some of the talent they are currently using imo.
  20. When he responded to you about putting it the feedback forum he meant feedback, not the community forum which this is. Here is the link for the feedback forum.
  21. if it turns out to be VR i will be very disappointed with NA.
  22. they do have a roku app if you have that. not sure about any others app though.
  23. you should be able to download the VR scenes from the site if they are available.
  24. the older format for HD videoes were in Flash (f4v) format so you would need a third party player other than the one provided by your OS and NA can't change the file name. Also, MSB should have downloads avail able according to what I was told about by @Nicole, maybe she can clarify further for you. Please refer to this thread for clarification on which sites are stream only or have downloads available.
  25. Even though we would love a new scene with her, i'm pretty sure she still needs to fulfill the terms of her contract with Mindgeek.