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  1. you should be able to download the VR scenes from the site if they are available.
  2. the older format for HD videoes were in Flash (f4v) format so you would need a third party player other than the one provided by your OS and NA can't change the file name. Also, MSB should have downloads avail able according to what I was told about by @Nicole, maybe she can clarify further for you. Please refer to this thread for clarification on which sites are stream only or have downloads available.
  3. Even though we would love a new scene with her, i'm pretty sure she still needs to fulfill the terms of her contract with Mindgeek.
  4. you dont know the email you used to sign up with or the username you made to login with? if you do you can use both of those to bring up your account on epoch.
  5. i wonder if we went through all the updates given in this thread how many havent been released. Also with how many scenes that have locked away with sites that were taken down such as NastyCops and scenes that have been taken down for various reasons.
  6. i was this scene here, not sure if it was old or not. It was shot and produced by CumLouder though.
  7. Would it be possible to get Christy Mack back for some news scenes? Not sure if she is shooting again full time or not but she recently had a new 4th of july special scene release on CumLouder.
  8. was this scene rescheduled or was it a typo and supposed to be a different scene? just wondering because it is listed on the 6/26 - 7/2 list as well.
  9. Not sure if this is possible but could we get an option under the pornstars section to be able to view male porn stars as well instead of just the females since the men don't show up on the porn star list?
  10. These weren't done and i edited what needs to be done with the Kara Bare profile now
  11. These 2 actors are the same person: These 2 are the same person: These 2 actors are the same person: These 2 profiles are the same actor: These 2 as well are the same person: These 2 as well are the same person: These are the same person: Same person: The 700k video link has no file on this video:
  12. are there any plans or is it in development that once you unlock the sites you are able to view them and download them straight from the main NA site instead of going to the individual sites?
  13. if you read someone already answered that question.
  14. you missed tagging these videos as well.
  15. the synopsis is missing on this video