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  1. are you using a trial account?
  2. I am not sure why NA has done stream only to some of their third party sites but they have and many have asked them to make them downloadable in the past and they haven't, we are lucky to have the ones they allowed us to have on here. My only suggestion is maybe to get an web browser extension to allow you to download them or just pay to stream them.
  3. Here is a thread that shows you ever site owned and operated by NA, also lets you know which ones are stream only and downloadable as well as far as third party sites operated by them.
  4. Last video I saw her in was a Penthouse one back in March unless that is when she retired. Not sure I don't really keep up on when ppl retire or whatever.
  5. i didn't necessarily mean that it ruined the whole scene for me and i wasn't complaining about the video at all. What i meant by that was the ending to an otherwise good video left more to be desired in my opinion. I am not a fan of of creampies in porn and not necessarily a fan of anal either. They don'y completely ruin scenes for me, just leave more to be desired. Not a fan of VR either and don't watch them, if it was anything but glorified POV videos then maybe I would enjoy them but I do not like POV and thats all VR is. If you could watch the action unfold in front of you like you do in a normal 2D video then maybe I would watch them but I won't as long as they stay in the POV format. Whitney Westgate is also back shooting again as well.
  6. the scene is back, not sure if it is fixed though
  7. Creampie ruined it for me. for it being one of her last scenes i would have much rather seen it on her face or tits or in her mouth. imo. creampies, dont appeal to me all that much in porn tbh.
  8. The scene had been reposted, maybe they had an issue with it. However, they do now have options for mobile downloads.
  9. I think the video has been pulled because i am no longer seeing it posted.
  10. Only streaming 2D videos are allowed during the trial, not downloading of scenes. Not sure about the VR, maybe allows you to download one VR scene.
  11. The answer to these questions are answered in the ad on the members main page. Apparently the plan going forward with BTVR is that they are doing episodes in "seasons" and the new scene is the first episode. Possibly another 5 scenes will be in this season.
  12. They are still there. Under the video click 'download' and options for downloading come up and it is the 'on the go' version.
  13. welcome
  14. Depends on who your payment went though. You need to do it through SegPay's or Epoch's websites. Here are the links for the sites to help you with who your payments went through. SegPay Epoch
  15. I use chrome and have never come across this issue even with having 2 different ad blockers active on NA. Could possibly be something with certain browsers or people trying to use download managers which NA does not officially support.