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  1. bumping this for future. Got a few hijab/regular scenes i wanna put up.
  2. Quite a few stars. Not gonna name names, but there were some directors and content creators involved as well. According to twitter, she was also having problems with her agency. In terms of what she said, she said that she didn't want to work with a crossover star (in terms of gay to straight) because they have different testing standards and she was concerned about her safety. After that, she started receiving flack from a lot of people, calling her homophobic and stuff. The tweet which seems to have stared everything I'm not here to take sides. It is just tragic that one of my favorite performers has passed away, especially at such a young age (23).
  3. No request thread for her?
  5. Bump. She is willing to do hijab scenes, as well.
  6.[1-21]/3322/01/NF The pictures on her model site do not do her justice.
  7. How does she not have a page yet?! Riley Reid lookalike with Speigler Girls. BGG scene together please, NA!!
  8. It has been WEEKS since we got a threesome scene.
  9. I couldn't find her thread. She really needs a scene with Brett Rossi.
  11. In my opinion, if a BBG doesn't have any DP, it's a waste of a scene.
  12. Needs another (non-POV) scene!
  13. Hey, Audrey Royal did a bellydancer type scene, and Aaliyah Haddid has done a hijab scene as well. Then just today, Audrey Royal also created a buzz with the new magazine cover for Hustler (can I mention that Aristo?)
  14. It has been more than a year since the last BGG+ scene on here, and more than 7 years since the last BGBG scene. We need to mix it up with the number of performers in a scene for a change!
  15.'s a shame, too. Some of the VR scenes had some great matchups.
  16. BUMP! Please get her!
  17. Yeah, th Agreed. The tie ones, especially. In my previous reply, it is really up to personal preference on any clothing fetish. Overall though (like aristotle said), it just has to make sense. sneakers/shoes are understandable in out door scenes. For example, the hijab scene. It is really stupid to assume that women have sex with that on. However, if she wears it at the start of the scene, as well as does some foreplay (ie kissing, blowjob) and takes it off before the hard stuff, it would make more sense. Again, that is my own personal preference.
  18. I;m liking the new look. Been off for a while.
  19. ...pasted quite a few scene ideas on that thread, lol. Yeah, I think people prefer consistency more than the presence/absence of it. If you have it on when you start the scene, don't take it off. Take it off before the scene starts, and you won't have a problem. The same thing with high heels.
  20. When it comes to VR, resolution is pretty negligible imo. It is fps that really matters if you are into VR....
  21. ...and he is in the memorial day scene next week...swell.
  23. They probably have a backlog of scenes for these types of cases. Don't worry about it.
  24. In my experience, a lot of the newer guys have that problem, save for Jordi, who is contracted. Kind of a bummer. Tyler Nixon is the only other decent "young" looking performer, but who knows how log that will last. I mean, you also have Xander, but its only a matter of time until they are doing what Johnny castle was doing until a few years ago.