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  1. omg, plz get her more!
  2. Soooo..... https://avn.com/business/articles/video/tori-black-returns-to-bg-for-vixen-751429.html First teagan, now tori, which is awesome, but I don't know if they r currently exclusive or if they r open for bookings.
  3. yes, but is she exclusive to ZZ? Hope not.
  4. she's got a new scene coming on ZZ, trailer is up. Just saying looks like she's shooting
  5. her twitter has been suspended for over a month now. I guess vimesk was right, I give up
  6. K, so my post was deleted coz I needed to link proof that she's back. How about her recently shot brazzers scene and her public twitter? Tadaaa! https://twitter.com/1andOnlyCupcake and Tadaaa!
  7. bump
  8. ^+1 to dave's suggestion
  9. just good old regular vag b/g is enough for me
  10. bump
  11. ^ more on spot words were never spoken Kenny. 100% agree
  12. Bump
  13. bump!! sooner and more already, damn, what a girl!
  14. +1 on that!
  15. ^ Yeh I saw that, it was hot. scarlett is hot but it's not quiet the same, and christiana is the perfect cast for the scenario in my mind. but thx for reading and for the scene suggestion ^^