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  1. just noticed she is on the docket for a VR scene! i don't mind the condom as long as she's back and is in for more!
  2. thanks Shel!
  3. per her Twitter, she appears to have wrapped up a 3rd shoot with NA! a total beauty and I hope to see these scenes on the sites soon! (I hope one of them is for TNGF)
  4. thank you artistotle. so far she has shot for netvideogirls (i think that's her) and a solo shoot for FTV. per Rob at FTV he think she is the next "ethnic" Lana Rhoades and I think I have to agree; she's really gorgeous!
  5. new black model over at 360modelsagency ( Bookings matt@360modelsagency.com ) here's her twitter: https://twitter.com/nianaccixxx 5'7, 18 years old! really pretty face, slender body and nice boobs. she would be perfect for a NBW or MFST scene (playing the student of course). please get her!
  6. didn't like her at first but she has completely grown on me; especially with that office look in her recent IHW scene. she really fits that hot professor look so definitely some NO or MFST please!
  7. it's disappointing for sure about her condom policy but there are plenty of past scenes out there of her working with male talent without one so I can look past that if it means more scenes. she recently posted some pics of her at AVN Las Vegas and she's still smokin' hot!
  8. bump for more April! http://www.101modeling.com/site/talent/talent.php?t_id=776&pageType=profile she is still very active on Twitter and her 101 modelling page is still up!
  9. New Asian model signed to ocmodeling: http://ocmodeling.com/model/brenna-sparks/ nice curves and face; plus we need more Asian representation in the biz. A1on1 or NO please?
  10. look who's no longer on contract with DP: http://risingstarpr.com/2016/09/act-fast-eva-lovia-booking-new-scenes/ Please bring her back for more! that one DWC scene she had here before her contract was one of the best!
  11. she's also been peppered with questions on her twitter on whether she'll be doing more b/g and she promptly shut that down and told the people to be happy it's "one-scene". i'd love to see more but hopefully she's not a one-and-done.
  12. she's still doing b/g. she has not retired or changed her status on that. even if it's for a condom only i'd still like her back for a scene or two!
  13. she's still active - definitely would like her back for another scene!
  14. thanks Lauren! hope to see that scene in soon. her other stuff hasn't been released yet!
  15. http://www.ladirectmodels.com/talent.php?id=1123&n=ViolaBailey&gender= those tits! I've been following her since her infamous WoodmancastingX scenes and while she did do B/G there I think that guy screwed things up with her then boyfriend and she went off the whole B/G thing. Now signed with ladirect, she is listed as G/G only but I would love to see her in more scenes. Yes those breasts are truly 100% real! I hope that she eventually changes her mind about B/G but would like to see additional G/G if it means more with her.