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  1. Hey guys so its been like 2 or probably wana say 3 years since we've had Alena here. So please get here back asap. She'd be great for MFHM, MFST, SBC or anything else.
  2. bump! Lets see if we can get her here
  3. I think I speak for everyone when I say we would love to have Victoria Banxxx here at NA. I'd really like to see her in a MFST scene she is freakin perfect for it.
  4. Glad to see this, and glad to see MFST is getting an update I hope its consistent low ratings or not
  5. well I don't mind 1 update a month but what i am saying atleast 1 of these women could have been used for that site. I wish they were but still I'd settle for remasters that would be great too
  6. Glad to see this post, I do love MFHM but has MFST basically been put on the back burner? I mean these beautiful women could have been used for MFST as well. Or if MFST is being put on the back burner can NA maybe remaster some of those scenes? these scene remasters so far have been weird
  7. please please get her back. Love to see her in MFST or something
  8. Another great candidate for MFST or MFHM, she I think was a teacher before the adult industry lol
  9. Hey Guys, I don't know where to post this so I guess ill just do it here. the following link does not have the mp4 file on it can we please fix it. thanks
  10. I love the fact that NA is remastering content, I personally loved the concept the first time around. If you could remaster some of the origional sites like MFST, MFHM and MSHF that would be fantastic, especially if we could get like extra minutes added to the scenes that would be even better.
  11. bump Man i really wana see here in another MFST scene espcially with a guy seducing her
  12. get her plz I really really wana see her in an MFST scene that would be epic
  13. Bump. Idk if she is still in the biz or not but it would be great to get another scene with her. Preferably a MFST one.
  14. bump need to see her again in an MFST its been too long
  15. would love to see her here