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  1. I am a fan of the old stuff, its nice to see it in dvd quality, same with the pics in real hi def
  2. Not a bad week, more remasters if possible, any week with Emma Starr is a good one
  3. What's odd is that in the very early days there were some very Hi Res shots, then it went to normal res, better res shots came in around May-June 2013, two years behind Bang Bros and Brazzers, but ahead of RK...which I am not sure if they are even at a hi-res level, Cherry Pimp res are almost too big, the file sizes between NA and Brazzers are comparable, BBs are huge, but even their screenshots are of good quality, almost embarrassing to other sites.
  4. H1on1 - Gianna / Alex Gonz (REMASTER) ...could they remaster Alex's shitty acting, I swore he always worked stoned, he ever come back?
  5. Cross just looks puffy, Rosano was always kind of annoying and his acting is bad, but funny bad like his old Naughty Office scene with Taryn Thomas, where Taryn and him were just heroically bad. Speaking of bad actors, anyone ever find Hep Boy (allegedly) Alec Gonz, he ever shoot a scene when he wasnt high?
  6. People got free NA for almost a decade, oh well
  7. I knew Emma Starr and Johnny Castle had to be a typo
  8. There are some early sets which are Hi Res namely, I think Laura took them, one was Emma Starr in a scene she did with her husband and Nick Jacobs, another was Ava Devine with Bixel where Ava is in a white sweater and leather skirt, a Bridgette Monroe set, one from Dillian Lauren, and the Diane Diamonds scene with Dino Bravo and Nick Jacobs. The pics now are much better, not Brazzers or Bang Bros Res, but far better than Reality Kings.
  9. Spinach is a bully, looks like that never changed.
  10. John Strong looks like a guy who would have to pay for sex and thus perfect for TNGF. Nice to see Diana Prince.
  11. The Gonz? He always seemed stoned, not quite Billy Glide baked. Anyone seen him lately since the Hep C thing came out. Where did Nick Jacobs go for all this time, was he in the joint with Brian Surewood? See that Preston is around, how did that happen? C3X needs work, why not bring him back, in the end he is not as bad as some of the guys out there, like Lockweird.
  12. Welcome back. If he has never been out there give Lovell a trip out to San Diego. Bring C3X back, man needs the work.
  13. I think NA has been fine of late, of course I still miss the live shows with Lauren, and of course the girls, nothing like Tory Lane shooting batteries out her hoo hah, and of course talking pre show and post show with Sandee and Motorboat respectively. It may also be true hi res pics too. Of course now I can use up those useless gift cards I get from my family.
  14. She's got plenty of stuff out there
  15. The Bixelator, he was kind of funny, his Score stuff is hilarously bad, not him per se, and the women were hot, but the setups, I thought he went full on gay, or maybe it was the other way around.