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  1. But seriously...your obsession with creampies is rather disturbing. I'm just throwing...that...out there...
  2. I'm going to change what I said about Jessica Drake, because it doesn't seem like she was even trying to be rude and she wasn't directly mentioning August, so it's not fair or responsible of me to trash her about it, but she seemed to answer August. And some mope by the name of Jaxton Wheeler told her to swallow a cyanide pill...even though he's back peddling (initially he denied it until someone showed captures of the tweet) and trying to play it down. So Naughty America and Lauren...if you're reading. Don't book Jaxton Wheeler...ever
  3. It's bullshit that this all caused such a scuttlebutt and caused a bunch of performers to dogpile on her which probably she had a lot of bullshit on her plate, to the point that she was pushed over the edge. But I see it all the time on Twitter. All the petty bullshit. Finally it pushed someone too far.
  4. Uhhh,,,most of those girls are 20 and up. Just saying.
  5. Janice has curves, She's just tiny. She is a true spinner.
  6. Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!! Don't tell me NA went and picked up their own Jordi! Is Phoenix going to be picking him up in power bomb position and sucking his dick in his next scene?
  7. Hey Lauren, just a heads up. Teagan shot a B/G scene for a certain other online company so you might want to do some sniffing around and work your magic and get us a scene if she's doing B/G for everyone again.
  8. New Sheridan Love! Fuck Yes!
  9. Only 9 new scenes this week?
  10. You want an April O'Neal scene you're going to have to deal with a condom.
  11. I wonder if they shot any scenes of her for us non-VR folks who've been waiting to see her for a long time.
  12. Have we went from 10 new scenes to 9 per week now? Wow...weak sauce.
  13. I'll ask again. Lauren...Tana Lea please? Oh, and while you're at it, more Angela White, Sheridan Love, and Aidra Fox (It's been a while on her.
  14. You're right, but at this point I'll take her in any scenario they'll give her.
  15. *coughs* Tana Lea *coughs*
  16. Listened to a lot of my old Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and my Traveling Wilburys stuff this week. Great artist. This one hurts.
  17. I'm with you on ZZ for the most part. The only girl they constantly shoot right is Angela White. But that is more of a testament to her as a performer than them as she pretty much brings it constantly every scene she's in. Her scenes on here are absolutely smoking.
  18. Long since good sir...long since.
  19. Listen you walking Ed Hardy wearing overweight pile of hippopotamus diarrhea shit. And I'm talking to Bad Lardie here. You have no fucking room to talk about anybody at all, as I said before you are a complete fucking toolbox. The fact that you are back on the NA forums is probably the worst thing to happen since, well damn, I can't think of anything. I call you a fucking clown because YOU ARE A FUCKING CLOWN ARTIE! A HUGE FUCKING CLOWN! You are a pile of shit.Any fault I have can be changed. You're too far gone. Your douchiness was probably cemented WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY back sometime in the fucking 70's for fuck's sake. So in closing, fuck you, fuck your, mom, fuck your dad, and anyone else who had anything to do with your wretched soul walking this Earth.
  20. Welcome! Now someone needs to get your profile name in pink (that's what we do for pornstars when they come around here, they get special pink profiles, it's kinda cool)
  21. It's like you troll for any attention you can get on here, positive or negative. You aren't just a tool, you're the whole fucking box.
  22. I'm glad you changed your avatar to mirror yourself you fucking clown.
  23. He's just an annoying shitwad. We've had a lot of them come along since Naughty America started with their VR. An influx of shitkickers like him.