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  1. I'm glad you changed your avatar to mirror yourself you fucking clown.
  2. He's just an annoying shitwad. We've had a lot of them come along since Naughty America started with their VR. An influx of shitkickers like him.
  3. Well if that's the case, she still wouldn't fuck you. So that's gotta be pretty shitty.
  4. Hey guy,


    you still in Akron?  How is it going?   

  5. I still want a Tana Lea scene.
  6. Hopefully it failed miserably.
  7. ...That wouldn't fuck you for a fistfull of hundreds.
  8. That scrawny little boy that looks like a 16 year old? He's under Brazzers contract and can stay there, he seems not to be received particularly well by fans there either. It just feels weird watching a scene with him.
  9. You just posted this almost exact same question a few days ago. Really? It needed asked again so soon?
  10. I'd like to see girls like Tana Lea here or more Lilly Lane (she's a big, fake titted metal chick that seems to have good scenes on other sites). And I'd like to see the occasional G/G scene (maybe Darcie Dolce with Jayden Cole?) This place is kinda getting a bit redundant as of late and my Downloads have went WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY down.
  11. Holy shit! Where did that Lauren Phillips scene come from! Nice! But in what world is a 29 year old woman considered a cougar? Come on NA haha.
  12. Inked girl, she is really sexy. I saw 2 scenes of hers on other sites and she was amazing in them.
  13. Huh, the Angela White/Ryan Driller scene must have been delayed. Hey, the Keisha Grey scene wasn't a bad replacement at all though. Well, here's to an Angela White scene scheduled THIS COMING WEEK and hopefully we see that White/Driller scene in the not too distant future.
  14. Where are the morons coming from? That's what I meant. I'm sure you had "something with Naughty America" because we ALL KNOW that the way to contact someone about already agreed upon work is their message board..
  15. Sure you did. Where are they coming from?