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  1. Inked girl, she is really sexy. I saw 2 scenes of hers on other sites and she was amazing in them.
  2. Huh, the Angela White/Ryan Driller scene must have been delayed. Hey, the Keisha Grey scene wasn't a bad replacement at all though. Well, here's to an Angela White scene scheduled THIS COMING WEEK and hopefully we see that White/Driller scene in the not too distant future.
  3. Where are the morons coming from? That's what I meant. I'm sure you had "something with Naughty America" because we ALL KNOW that the way to contact someone about already agreed upon work is their message board..
  4. Sure you did. Where are they coming from?
  5. Not to mention MORE ANGELA WHITE! For my birthday week too! Oh my cup runneth over!
  6. Because you touched yourself when you were young?
  7. And if you wait long enough, a certain someone will come along and complain about no creampie...
  8. Not a fan at all, but alas, times change. I just wish we still had the option of toggling between the new format and the old.
  9. Well, Mick is the three time reigning AVN Male Performer of the Year haha.
  10. That is quite possibly the only thing cheering me up right now. Now if only we got Jayden Cole/Darcie Dolce G/G I would actually forget tonight.
  11. I see Angela White was shooting in Vegas today. Any chance that possibly might be for NA? Because we need another (Non VR) Angela White scene.
  12. Isn't Natalia Polish?
  13. You realize you'll never get laid by a pornstar now. I guaranteed one of the girls out there would have loved the novelty of taking your virginity. One of the wilder ones, but one of the girls.
  14. Lennox Luxe is amazing. You have to watch her in action dude, trust me. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
  15. Hey Shel, any more Angela White scenes coming our way? How about Lily Lane or Trillium?