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  1. Multiple women accuse Ron Jeremy of sexual assault Several women have accused porn legend Ron Jeremy of sexual assault. The allegations against Jeremy, which date back more than 30 years, gained traction when adult star Ginger Banks released a video in June 2017 detailing several allegations of sexual misconduct against Jeremy from other adult stars, as well as fans. Jeremy didn’t take Banks’ campaign against him lightly. Read More:
  2. Shyla Stylez GoFundMe Account to Help Pay Hospital Bills, Funeral GoFundMe page for funeral & medical expenses:
  3. Pornstar Twitter war might set a precedent for future cyberbullying victims A recent Los Angeles County Court ruling on a bizarre porn star feud has sketchy implications for victims of online harassment. What do camels, anti-SLAPP motions, and awards show red carpet brawls have in common? They’re all part of a legal saga between two of porn’s biggest names, Lisa Ann and Nikki Benz. And despite the titillation value of a court battle involving the now-retired star of Who’s Nailin’ Paylin and the porn star that almost became Rob Ford’s replacement as mayor of Toronto, the case also sets an interesting—and potentially dangerous—legal precedent when it comes to cyber harassment. The Los Angeles County Court threw out a harassment case brought against Nikki Benz after a Twitter scuffle erupted into an all-out war between the two performers. The nasty fight started in December of last year, with Lisa Ann initially mocking Benz’s camel-filled Dubai birthday celebration on Instagram and suggesting that Benz was actually there working as an escort. Read More:
  4. The Anti-SLAPP motion by Benz's attorney was successful in the case above. In a more recent case involving a Naughty Canada Director, Benz's attorney had an Anti-SLAPP motion denied by the judge. Benz's attorney will appeal the judge's decision. Defamation Suit Against Nikki Benz Can Proceed LOS ANGELES — Ruling that a defamation suit against Nikki Benz has the merit to proceed, a Los Angeles judge yesterday denied the adult performer’s SLAPP motion against director Tony T and her motion to strike punitive damages. Read More: California’s Anti-SLAPP Law and Related State Statutes: California Anti-Slapp Project: - Defamation, Libel and Slander are not considered free speech to be protected by the law. However, the law is designed to protect free speech from frivolous allegations of defamation, libel, slander ....
  5. Well said, Aristotle. I know our Mods are way too smart to use the same password at Naughty Canada and the Naughty Canada Forums. Many people use the same password on different sites. The Naughty Canada breach had passwords in the database that were not encrypted. There are bruteforce methods to crack encrypted passwords: I've also heard of hacking tools to crack passwords/hashes advertised on Dark Web sites.
  6. No response. I think you hurt his feelings. I voted for Ynot to be a Mod! He takes pride in doing a good job here. I feel bad for Spinny getting fired as a Mod even though he exiled me. We could blame Spinny. We could also just blame the impeached President of Naughty America for everything! Let's make Naughty America and the Forums Great Again!
  7. Thanks for posting on here, Sofie! You are beautiful!
  8. WOW! It's been almost 9 years, almost a decade. Still in the closet???? I was rooting for the Browns last Sunday. The Browns lost to the Titans in overtime. The Browns are 0 - 7. I am starting to feel bad for Browns fans. Both the 49'ers and Browns have yet to win a game.
  9. He voted "Hell No" for you to become a Mod from GOC's old survey that I bumped.
  10. I haven't bought a Playboy Magazine since the 90's. The magazine and the Playboy Channel are just sad now. This is a bad marketing decision.
  11. If you have the OEM clubs and wear that brand you are probably ok. Everyone knows that the best thing to wear on the golf course is a Naughty America homemade hoodie with a Yankees ball cap! BTW, tough loss for your Yankees last night.
  12. The Douchiest Clothing Brands Out Right Now: Read More: With the advent of Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, catching the once unmistakable douchebag is harder than ever. Sure, there are the staple, distinguishing characteristics of d-bags, like an Instagram roll of bathroom selfies or a byline on a willfully incendiary internet list. But, the ability to spot a Chad by way of the trucker hat or popped collar is a thing of the past. Thankfully, the crack staff at Complex Style has compiled a list of radioactive brands favored by the assholes who populate our society. Whether these labels actively claim ostentatious bungholes as their target demographic or have been appropriated and ruined by these jerkasses, these are The Douchiest Clothing Brands Out Right Now. (1) Trump Signature Collection (2) Vineyard Vines (3) Crocs (4) Lululemon Men (Yoga Dudes) (5) Hollister & Co. (6) True Religion (7) Ferrari (8) Aeropostale (9) Dolce & Gabbana (10) Southern Tide (11) Callaway Golf (12) Affliction (obvious) (13) Ed Hardy (of course) (14) Abercrombie & Fitch 26 Ways To Look Like A Douche: THE DEFINITIVE ROUNDUP OF DOUCHEBAG CLOTHING Read more: These accessories instantly put you in douche territory. Cool people start trends. Uncool people kill them. That’s just the way of the world. We could easily cover Affliction and TapOut, but that’s been done to death. There’s more to a douchebag’s closet than MMA gear and “Swag Don’t Come Cheap” shirts. Let’s take a look at a few more of the worst offenders in the douchebag clothing department. The Worst of Douchebag Clothing: (1) Bedazzled Jeans - for "Douchettes" (2) Track Suits (3) Sweater Around the Shoulders (4) Scarves (5) Beats by Dre (headphones) (6) Paris Hilton Products - for "Douchettes" (7) Flat-Billed Hats (8) Marijuana-Themed Shirts (9) Bow Ties (10) Pink Polos Evolution of Douchebag Style (Hair & Facial Hair)
  13. Patent Pending: Douchebag (Official Music Video) The Douche Awards! How did I not get cast for the "Lifetime Achievement" Douche Award? I will talk to my agent!
  14. Tony, No worries. Hey Griff, Thank you for acknowledging my superdouchebaggery! I sincerely appreciate the compliments and recognition. I would never hate on your parents. They must be very nice people to let you still live at home! Wow, you are a fat, bald guy listening to heavy metal, beating off to porn in your parents' house and sending tweets to pornstars. I've seen your social media pictures. You aren't exactly a male fitness model. What happened to all your hair and what's up with the gap tooth? Cheers, Artie
  15. RIP Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Refugee - 1979
  16. The Rams beat the Cowboys on the road! The Rams were an 8 point underdog from I've got my ticket to see the Rams play the Seahawks next Sunday at the Coliseum. Rams prove they're the real deal by beating Cowboys It looks different, sounds different and, more than anything else, it feels different. That was evident from the whooping, hollering and joking in the locker room on Sunday after the Rams defeated the Dallas Cowboys, 35-30, before a crowd of 91,869 at AT&T Stadium. Greg Zuerlein kicked a team-record seven field goals, quarterback Jared Goff and running back Todd Gurley led the offense, and the defense came together in the second half as the Rams improved to 3-1 and stayed atop the NFC West with a second consecutive road victory. Read More:
  17. I broke down and bought a Chargers game ticket and hat. I saw them choke playing the Eagles. The Chargers were in the game through the 4th quarter but let the Eagles get too far ahead early in the game. Rivers lets his emotions get the best of him. He threw some great completed passes. The Chargers got close within 2 points but it was not enough. I'd go back again to the Stubhub Center to see the Chargers Girls. The stadium is a 5 mile drive from my house. Here's the link to my Eagles vs. Chargers album with mostly Charger Girls Pictures: The Chargers Girls were impressive with their well executed choreography, beauty and poise.
  18. Chill out, Tony. I am sure there are nice places in Cleveland & Akron. This thread is about celebrating Douchebaggery and questionable fashion choices.
  19. I went to Akron right now with Google Earth and took the Akron Meth Lab Tour. Click on any of the meth lab addresses from the Summit County Sheriff Website and you will get a picture of the location.