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  1. Yup Yup
  2. Loooooooool!
  3. Word?
  4. Nah man, seen her on Ray Donavan. Camera Down!
  5. It's just you. lol
  6. MWHF - Alex Harper/Preston ParkerMDHG - Tiffany Watson/Van WyldeMGLA - Bridgette B/Danny MountainNO - Chloe Amour/Danny MountainMFHM - Alexis Fawx/Van Styles <-- Van Styles is the homie, but wasn't there that day. TNGF - Alex Harper/Ryan Mclane
  7. Seems like people would bitch if the girl left her socks on for the entire scene, and people would bitch if she took them off half way through.
  8. Do people like even like ankle socks and sneakers in scenes? Never really sure if it's a good look or not.
  9. Hijab scene?!? lol
  10. Good one! lol. The ol double take.
  11. She just quit porn this morning so... Meh
  12. Just shot Tiffany today, she reminded me of Briana Love if you remember her. Kimmy Granger and Tiff would be a good pairing.