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  1. Or ... House of Cards? Who would be in it? Don't forget you can add to it on to make it even hotter!!!
  2. Who wants to see this Downton Abbey fantasy come to life on Naughty America? Like it enough on FYF and maybe it will! More to come...
  3. Good suggestions!
  4. My bad guys, I grabbed the wrong link. I meant THIS fantasy:
  5. Who would make a good fit for this fantasy? Please give your suggestions...
  6. How do I cancel my forum account I can't find anything to do this?

  7. We haven't been able to replicate the issue on our end, so we'll need to gather some information from you. Please do us a favor and complete a traceroute test by using this form: Please also indicate whether this occurs when you are using a wireless or hardline connection (or both). Thx
  8. We can download it without any issues over here. Please try again and let us know.
  9. Please send an email to with your username, and the current status of your streaming/downloading experience.
  10. Is anybody currently having difficulty streaming MP4 videos on an Android? If so, please let us know. Include which scenes aren't working, what kind of connection you're using, and what kind of phone you've got.
  11. Hi Peeps, Like I said in the other thread, this downloading issue is difficult because it seems very isolated. However, we are working on this. Please fill out this form (completely) and submit it if you have not done so already:
  12. I actually just tested all of them; I was able to successfully download and watch each one, except for the newest Claudia Valentine scene: that one cuts out after about 28 seconds or so. It seems that this download issue is an isolated problem that's not affecting every single member. Our web team is investigating this. Again, please fill out this form completely and submit it if you haven't already:
  13. I was just able to successfully download and play the Normal (WMV) files for Isabella Pena and Amber Ashlee. Do us a favor and complete this form, if you haven't already:
  14. Check your email. You should have received a response in the form of a re-opened support ticket.
  15. Please fill out everything requested in this form: If you already have done this, please send an email to