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  1. huh? huh?
  2. Can someone explain to me what the "Feelme" videos are.? They appear to be just regular NA scenes so what makes a scene a "Feelme" scene?
  3. I mean he looks like Mikey did when he was starting out
  4. Tony Martinez reminds me a lot of a young Mikey Butders.
  5. Great.....two of my favorite Cougars/Milfs.......Alexis and Cherie!!!
  6. What's up with Ynot?   He certainly has a bug up his ass about me.  I usually don't start shit with him or anyone else for that matter yet he can't seem to hold a civil conversation with me.  You're the the only moderator here who holds to my understanding of what a moderator is supposed to do.   Ynot can't respond to one of my posts with out being snide. It is getting to the point where I don't know if I even want to continue posting here.  Do I complain sometimes...yeah I do.   Am I the worst offender?  I don't think so.   Yet according to Ynot you'd think I belong on the list of all time offenders.   Whatever.

    1. aristotlealexander


      Every current mod except me is from a time where they would generally shit on each other all the time and all it really meant was that they liked each other well enough that they didn't take it personally (you've been around long enough to remember GOC and ATD and Carter Hayes, basically when they ruled the boards). None of this is meant to be personal.

    2. Milffan


      Thanks.  Aristotle.   I grew up in a different time.   I was taught manners  Though I have been using social media for about 10 years....I'm still not used to the liberties that people take with the relative anonymity that social media offers.  Like I say I try to stay but  I guess some folks feel that being civil is old fashioned.



    3. aristotlealexander


      Trust me, I hate it too, but such is life nowadays.

  7. Jesus...I don't know why Ynot has a bug up his ass about me.   Have you ever seen me start shit with him?

    1. baxter83


      i did see yea, spinach has started on me again

    2. Milffan


      Aristotle is the only mod on here who follows the traditional role of a forum moderator.  He is the only civil one here.  He discusses not bullies or insults people.  On rare occasions he might take a slight shot at someone but for the most part he is fair and "moderate".  I wonder why those other two guys are tolerated? 

      Aristotle told me basically not to take it personally.....he says the other two are holdovers from a time when mods and member took jibes at each other basically in a "guys will be guys" fashion and nothing is meant by it.   That may be true.....but I was brought up with manners and these guy are taking advantage of the anonymity provided by social media to be jerks.  I bet they wouldn't be the same way in public.....well....then again....maybe they would.


    3. baxter83


      same here, they are probably regularly shit on in real life so feel powerful on here

  8. Except one thing Einstein.....I didn't complain. To me a complaint is ...."What? No updates" ""How come no updates"" "Are we going to get updates" "Why no updates" But you may have a different definition.
  9. With all due respect......fuck off. I bet you can't find a post from me within the past 3 months where I bitched about updates list not being posted.
  10. And Nicole was doing such a good job too. Maybe too good. Or she could be on vacation/
  11. I don't understand where people get the thrill from watching a woman rub a guys dick between their feet, or getting toe fucked or "shrimping" i.e toe sucking. I know it's different strokes for different folks but REALLY? Many a hot video have been ruined for me when all of a sudden one of the above happens.
  12. That's my point exactly. I don't begrudge the new format. I just wish they didn't take away the option of using the old format if one wanted to. But as someone pointed out......the "view all" link pretty much amounts to the same thing
  13. I am not a fan of the new site format. Under the new format.....if I want to check a scene that came out out some time 3 weeks ago.....I have to scroll vertically for awhile until stumble across the scene. Either that or do a specific site search or performer search. Under the old format. I would just click on the appropriate page # link and I would arrive at the page for that scene quickly. Old format was easier to navigate. Up until recently one had a choice to use the old format. I understand the need for the newer format. But it was nice that we could use the old format if we wanted to that choice has been taken away.
  14. Oh I totally get it from the kids point of view.....but again...why would an attractive 25 year old throw away her career and freedom just to bang a teen?