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  1. Sara Jay? Really? With so many better Milfs......Cherie Deville.....Alexis Fawx.....Syren de Mer.......Julia Ann.....Brandi Love.....Tara Holiday.....Areilla Ferrara......Emma Star.....Nicki Hunter......Inari Vachs.....Shayla Laveaux.. Oh well I've probably pissed someone off now.
  2. I'm with you. I saw a scene where Alure Jenson literally picked up el Nino and held him to her face as she blew him. Just didn't do a thing for me.....even though I know the guy is of looks like kiddie porn and turns me off.
  3. What do you expect him to do to make the scene "not so boring''.....tell jokes as he's fucking? Sing "Bohemian Rhapsody"? Recite the Gettysburg Address? Do cartwheels between changes of position? Obviously many of his female co-stars like working with him as well as directors otherwise he wouldn't get work.
  4. A link to another report since there seems to be some problem with link above.
  5. not a big fan of cream pie either.....but as they can't please everyone. Had they done the scene the way you and I wanted it.....then people like Davemanddd would have been the ones disappointed.
  6. She certainly looks older than 24..
  7. I agree with you.....more remasters? What we need is more quality NEW scenes.
  8. And thus if NA and other companies pay higher rates, they will have to pass it on to subscribers in the form of higher subscription charges.
  9. Can we expect any changes from NA and other adult sites due recent "Net Neutrality" ruling by the FCC? Will it be for the better or worse?
  10. So now that she is dead....everyone is saying how nice she was ....I wonder if some of the people who are "boo-hooing' her death are some of the same people who tore into her on twitter?
  11. So could be argued that she was cyber-bullied by her co-workers into suicide....if it turns out it was suicide.
  12. What did she say? Which porn stars were pissed at her?
  13. You were happy (sort of) with the Milf content the last few weeks and I'm sure the "teen" crowd wasn't. So now they make the teen crowd happy and you get upset? You must know they will from time to time cater to one crowd over another. Just roll with it
  14. Most Definitely
  15. A Milf get stranded in the kitchen? I know that NA does tend to repeat a lot of standard scenarios......but I really don't recall that being one of them. As far as the dom do realized this is NA... i.e. the Vanilla of Porn Sites. If you want Rocky Road or Pistachio or some other flavor you'll have to go to some other site like Brazzer or Kink maybe I mean you wouldn't walk in to your favorite Mexican restaurant and say "I like your burritos but to add some variety could you please make me plate of pasta"? I think most sites stick with what they do best at.