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  1. Shit-- Fuck
  2. Just agreein'
  3. I stand corrected was about 4 weeks ago.....but I am correct that Lauren posts ways less than she used to.
  4. Wow.....Lauren actually posted something....I think her last post not counting the occasional update was like in 2015
  5. I was thinking the same
  6. like I said before and to reiterate spinach's happens from time to time. I'd say that NA has about a 98% rate of announcement to actual delivery of a scene Yeah it is frustrating....but more likely than not....barring any unforeseen incident, there will be other Syren scenes in the future. After all, it isn't like they only shoot a scene with her once every 5 years.
  7. And while it is frustrating to the members.....remember that this probably won't be the last scene they will shoot with her.......they'll probably shoot another scene with her some where down the line.
  8. I asked because you seem to know a lot of inside info. When ever something happens that people wonder about, many times you seem to know what happened. Anyway....I e-mailed Lauren.....whether she is willing to say is a different story.
  9. Wow..... thanks a lot. I will. Thanks once again.
  10. your sources say what happened to the Syren scene. I am guessing that it was yanked because of some sort of technical problem or it didn't meet NA standards.
  11. thank you for voicing your opinion and have a nice day.......oh yeah....."warm hugs"
  12. you may also find that with time , you will find you're getting tired of posting about your fetish----long after everyone else has. About 6 years ago I was on a two year rant about g/g got old in about 3 least to everyone else.....being slow on the up took me about 2 years to get where every one else was at.
  13. if it were anything but a POV scene so would I.
  14. Well It's official now. It is Sunday and no Syren scene. it was replaced. It may or may not ever see the light of day. Not good.....not bad.....just a NA fact of life. Oh well.
  15. young guys in scenes are fine as long as they look like they're around 18. This Jordi looks like he is 14 so even if he is of has the feel of watching kiddie porn. No thank you.