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  1. Lauren.....there's a woman you may be familiar with by name......Jodi West. I wonder if you could coax her into shooting a scene for you? She mostly shoots for her taboo site/company and for Sweetheart video. I think Levi Cash has done some scenes for you and he has a working relation with might try that route.
  2. ty.....could you please post what scenes to expect this week.
  3. as a neutral third party.....this is a fairly well written post and I agree with many of your points....not all ...but a lot of them
  4. Is it just me or has Sydney Leathers let herself go? In her latest scene....well lets just say she has looked better.
  5. Too bad the "thumbs down" option was taken away from the forum several years ago.

  6. Calling him "an attack dog" is like calling the Geico Gekko Godzilla.....way off base. He is probably the most balanced of the moderators here and he has been known to disagree with NA on some things.
  7. Now CBS is backtracking on initial reports of his death...."clinging" to life. However if he was taken off of life support due to lack of brain is only a matter of time now.
  8. It has been a really lousy 14 hours or so. First the tragic, senseless mass shooting in Las Vegas. And now to a much smaller degree but still sad is the passing of one the great rock and roll legends of the last 40 years or so. Tom Petty has left the building but his contributions to music will live on. RIP Tom.
  9. I just reading too much into this? That's one messed up comment
  10. Hello Milffan, I just wanted to apologize for being rude to you on the forums. I was angry and it had nothing to do with you. Sincerely, Artie

  11. Shit-- Fuck
  12. Just agreein'
  13. I stand corrected was about 4 weeks ago.....but I am correct that Lauren posts ways less than she used to.
  14. Wow.....Lauren actually posted something....I think her last post not counting the occasional update was like in 2015
  15. I was thinking the same