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  1. Peta isn't shooting anymore, Alina hasn't shot for anyone for years, and Madison Ivy is still contracted to another company.
  2. Yeah, The press release says they have more projects in store, but like Teagan, no one has said that they're exclusive, and I'd imagine that they would have if they were. They're probably expensive, and might be prohibitively so, but it doesn't look like either one is exclusive.
  3. So apparently, this is a thing. And, perhaps more importantly, this is a thing that most people aren't going to be able to watch. I don't really know what to think about it at this point. Except that it would be better if they could find a way to release it as a VR video and convert it to a regular POV video.
  4. I turned off adblock (and I don't think I have noscript installed) and I still get this. Talked to support, and they just told me to use Chrome for the time being. Looking into it, it looks like whomever they're using for bot detection is using some kind of javascript to tell if people are bots, and if your computer blocks their script for whatever reason, it assumes you are one. It's way too aggressive in its detection.
  5. It seems like she recently shot a boy/girl scene for Naughty Canada. Wondering if that means she's generally available. Edit: It seems like I have my answer: I think she's still with LA Direct for booking.
  6. If they got rid of every male model that people some people didn't like, there would be no more male models to use. And that's ignoring the fact that most male performers don't want to shoot VR scenes in the first place, as far as I can tell.
  7. Tonight's Girlfriend is the only site that's part of the banner rotation that still updates. Every single other site is a dead site. Their intention with BTiVR was never to update it, but to see if people would pay the fee for those scenes. Also, it isn't a recurring membership, but a one time charge.
  8. Does say some of the passwords were strongly encrypted so they're unlikely to be cracked (good job there, guys, and that's not sarcasm). In any case, check your accounts and bank statements to make sure nothing funny is going on (i.e. people logging in as you and accessing the side sites).
  9. They were after she supposedly quit, but it seems like she's still a little flaky at the moment.
  10. People aren't buying Playboy magazine right now. Internet porn killed the magazine years ago. This is a half-hearted attempt at selling a few copies that won't work because there's nothing they can do to make the magazine particularly relevant again.
  11. Bump.
  12. Unless I'm missing something, we're still on track for 10. Monday's VR scene got moved to Tuesday, but 3 scenes were released that day (one VR, one remaster, one new original scene [Karlee Grey]).
  13. Since about 2014 or so. Her most recent scene before today had a condom, and that was 3 years ago.
  14. April only shoots boy/girl scenes with condoms. Is was either shoot her with the condom, or don't shoot her at all. I think they made the right choice.
  15. She never stopped doing b/g scenes for any extended period of time. It's just that she only shoots with a condom, and that's enough for most companies not to shoot her.
  16. Yes, I know exactly where I'm placing this. There's a reason for that. It's not on her agency page yet.
  17. Getting April in a VR scene completely makes up for this, by the way.
  18. And he still didn't get the third of us.
  19. It's not Tony's birthday yet. And I should know.
  21. Depending on what the VR scene is, this is going to be the first time in a few years that I haven't had a scene that I was genuinely excited for drop on my birthday.
  22. I'm kinda shocked I've never made a thread about her before. She's very cute and been around for a few years, but has never shot a scene for NA. She doesn't have an agency, but I guess she does have some else handlings booking for her.
  23. They've shot and released scenes with more than half those women in the past few months.
  24. She's not a MILF.
  25. I'm pretty sure they have. Some VR scenes as well.