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  1. Cute woman. Also a link to her page on LA Direct's website:
  2. It doesn't look like it. All of the videos labeled as Feelme are 2D. One of them is a POV scene, and that's probably the closest experience you're going to find right now.
  3. Cheap headsets work fine, second time I watched a scene properly was on a Google Cardboard literally made of cardboard.
  4. Since you said the offer was seven Euro, I'm going to assume you're in Europe, which means that Epoch probably wasn't your billing company (IIRC, they use Epoch primarily for the US/North American accounts, and another biller in Europe. Support should be able to find it for you with just your e-mail address and account name (and password). For a shot in the dark, I'd try CCBill as the biller, as I think I remember them operating in Europe.
  5. It's a teledildonics thing.
  6. You say that like Mikey was old. Tony looks about the same age as Mikey did, if not a little older actually.
  7. Yup, it's old. Her hair doesn't look like that anymore, and honestly, neither does the rest of her body.
  8. Whatever you saw was more than likely a very old scene, she hasn't shot anything for years, and everything that's happened to her I don't see her ever shooting again.
  9. There's a scam going around where people are sending e-mails pretending to work for NA and recruiting dudes to be male performers for a tryout, as long as they pay a fee. I've noticed it on Twitter for the past couple years, actually.
  10. You really think that's going to stop him from saying something?
  11. Teanna Trump isn't, which is a shame.
  12. Because the VR schedule fluctuates more often and they may not have decided for sure which scene they're going to release on which date.
  13. It's updated about as much as it used to be, it's just not on every page anymore.