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  1. She's moving to the US and has an agency. Also a different Twitter account than 2 years ago:
  2. Probably because people seem to like him.
  3. Mia Lelani
  4. They pulled it because something was wrong, and are supposed to be putting it back up again later today.
  5. Jan 1, 1600 is what happens when the birthdate is listed as zero. And in porn, anyone that doesn't look like a teen and has breast implants is going to get labeled a MILF/Cougar at some point, no matter how old she is. Because that's gonna be the crowd that she appeals to.
  6. While the phrases are canned for most performers (there's more than a few that have personalized bios, mostly just the women that shoot for NA most often), the other info is pulled from another website, so if that place doesn't have it, then NA doesn't either. And I do agree that if they're going to have bios for everyone, they need to sit down and have someone actually write bios instead of having so many women just have the default one. Hell, I'd agree to write them if they wanted.
  7. I would love more remasters if I thought it wouldn't have any effect on the number of original scenes, but I know that it would so I just let it go.
  8. They added nothing to the scene, to be honest, and made performers less likely to browse the sites because of people being critical of them. If you really feel the need to make a comment and don't want to do it here, they do have a site specifically for feedback:
  9. If we take the schedule posted literally, then the Friday VR scene should be coming on Sunday. Probably something New Years and/or Fidelio related.
  10. I'm pretty sure her stage name was just Angel.
  11. This is short notice, but it looks like she's coming to the US for a month in January, and I'd be great if someone could shoot her for a scene or two (or 12). If I can find some agency info, I'll post it.
  12. It says you can stream things, not download anything.
  13. Probably. There's also the risk that ISPs make you pay more to even be able to access adult content, but I don't see that as particularly likely.
  14. I love that you put Net Neutrality in quotation marks. In general, it means that unless these companies pay more, their upload/download speeds are going to be slower. NA is included in that.
  15. She's shooting something that resembles content again. That doesn't mean she's able to be booked again (yet). Patience.