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  1. Lauren didn't do it this week, though.
  2. Looks like some of those September dates are still available.
  3. In terms of posting the actual updates, yes. But Lauren is capable of talking about more than that.
  4. I know you think you're funny, but you're really not.
  5. Eva Long.
  6. Or it was a month ago. But whichever works for you.
  7. It's added income that takes nothing away from the scenes. Why would you want it to fail? I mean, the ads could get annoying, but that was an easily fixable issue that looked like it did get fixed.
  8. Reena Sky.
  9. So today in things that are, well, mildly amusing: Possibly one of the strongest storms in the history of recorded hurricanes is going to hit Florida tomorrow night. And what is the scene being released on Saturday? A Florida-produced scene where it's raining outside.
  10. As far as I can tell, NA's VR contracts are for a specific amount of scenes and not necessarily a specific length of time. So it either means they ended the contract early or she shot whatever the specified amount of scenes was. Neither of which means she won't be back.
  11. That wasn't me being mean. You'll know when I'm being mean. But I haven't asked because it isn't a big deal to me. It is a big deal to you, so you should ask higher up on the food chain than me.
  12. "My source" for what happened would be Lauren, so if you're that concerned about it why not try asking her directly?
  13. No offense, but you're old enough to have a warped idea of what 18 year olds look like at this point.
  14. I think you're you're referring to Jordi, who is a different guy. Similar build, different person. Some people are into seeing the youngest dudes with the biggest dicks paired up with MILFs, so that's where those guys fit in.
  15. We've got people complaining about the lack of Castle scenes, and then they release one, and it's a scene where you wouldn't even know it's him (he's the male talent in the VR scene on Monday).