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  1. You login at: http://members.bigtitsinvr.com Once you unlock it.
  2. We agree and it's on our road map.
  3. Can you pleae email support with your account email, that way they can update the CDN you are currently using and give you better results.
  4. We are currently looking into this.
  5. Hey guys we will be importing all your favorites back into the system, they should be available hopefully next week. In the meantime you can simply add any new favorites, and when we iron out the issue with your existing favorites we will simply add what you used to have and don't any more.
  6. naughtyamerica.com/activate You will need to login first before you activate it.
  7. You can use one of the other options to pay for NA, have you looked at our Bitcoin option? What country are you coming from?
  8. PIF, can you please email me at jose[at]naughtyamerica[dot]com I tried to email you on the email you have on record for this forum, however it keeps returning with a "delivery error".
  9. Can you please try clearing your cookies, I've seen this very rare abnormality once before and clearing the cookies resolved the issue.
  10. I'm going to reach out to you so we can get to the bottom of this.
  11. @tyrox We don't typically support 3rd party software to download our content, one thing you can try to do with the download manager is to have the download manager kick off all the downloads at the same time, which some download managers may support however I am not 100% on this. We are working on a solution, however it will not be released this month, we may have it available as soon as next month. Another suggestion is that we can switch your CDN to level3 vs using limelight which may or may not speed up your speed, depending on location. @Crackerjack we would be able to switch CDN for your current account which would serve the videos from Level3 vs serving them off limelight that may give you faster speed times. If any of you would like to use LVL3, putting a ticket with support would be simple enough, I will this option within preferences as well so that customers can do this themselves moving forward.
  12. We currently don't allow posting comments through the mobile version of the site, but I will discuss with my team to see if it is something we can add. We have a lot of projects coming down the pipe, and a mobile revamp is something on our priority list.
  13. I'm looking into this.
  14. Sorry for the delay guys, I sent an initial email to the people that had responded. I will send a follow up email today with details on this product.
  15. Hey guys we are looking for a few potential volunteers to test and give us a feedback on a potential product for Naughty America and our members area. We are looking for casual and hardcore porn users, if you are interested in being part of this program please fill out the form below: https://docs.google....XarIs4/viewform