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    And in addition to Castle, another one of their solid performers hasn't had a scene here in what seems like 2 years now. I am talking about Bill Bailey. There was a time when if it wasn't Castle in the scene it was Bill Bailey. I was not uncommon for 8 out 13 scenes being a Castle or Bailey scene. If he is still in the business, there must have been a falling out between him and the guys who shoot the scenes.
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    i think portia harlow would be an excellent candidate for a milf scene in either mfhm, mfst, sbc or even mrs. creampie, if that site is still viable??? what do you guys think???
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    by the way Naughty America. This new Luna Star Oil scene is crazy good. Keep coming with heat like that please. the Oil was amazing. the BJ with her hiking her ass up and see her nice legs. amazing. he splits cowgirl. amazing. her cowgirl and reverse were also amazing.
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    would love to see her in an Office Scenario
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    Johnny Castles last scene was July 19th. He is one of NA most prolific performers! He is also the best looking, in my opinion, of their roster! Anyone else missing him?
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    any idea when this scene will be released, she looks amazing
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    Hahahah. You guys make me laugh.
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    This isnt even a shot at Artie, but LA notoriously has the worst sports fans....especially when it comes to football. I expect the Chargers to go back to San Diego within 10 years, or maybe go to another city like San Antonio or Portland. The Rams will probably stick it out because the NFL will do anything to make a team in LA work, but 2 teams? That wont last. I guarantee it.
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    ....says the guy with the leaky tampon who cant handle people disagreeing with him about VR.
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    UPDATES 9/25/17-10/1/17 ** ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE** VR - TBA MGBF - Victoria June/JMac IHW - Nikki Benz / Billy Glide (REMASTER) MFHG - Cadey Mercury/Damon Dice MFHM - Katie Morgan/Lucas Frost MSHF - Ashly Anderson/Ryan Driller MFHG - Marilyn Mansion/Jmac IHW - Bridgette B/Preston Parker VR - TBA NO - Kimber Lee/Bambino IHW - TBA TNGF - Sarah Jessie/Ryan Mclane ATH - Alex Blake/Jax Slayher MFHM - Dee William/Bambino Stay safe out there friends!
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    Right on Samurai! Props to NA for leading the way with this new technology. Naughty America Is Great Again!
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    In terms of posting the actual updates, yes. But Lauren is capable of talking about more than that.
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    I know you think you're funny, but you're really not.
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    Naughty America does not officially support download managers, try downloading directly from the site.
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    I still want a Tana Lea scene.
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    Uh oh....duck for cover. Castle has a mixed following on here. Some people love him....some people seem to hate him. I think he is a solid performer but nothing special. I dont mind seeing him in 1 or 2 scenes a week, but I dont want to see him in 3-5 scenes a week every week like we were getting at some points.
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    that dude is far beyond totally wrong. BLIND I TELL YOU BLIND!!!! VR hands down best porn experience ever. Next thing is fucking a hologram in your room. VR is basically that.
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    The poor model who did the ad with Artie is still recovering in the mental ward. Her shrink says with a little luck she'll block out the memory and be released in another year or so.
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    despite my observations that you razz me as often as you can.....please do not judge Callifornians....especially Southern Califronians by BadArtie. Every state has its token asshole that make the rest of the population look bad. There are asshole who don't know they are assholes and hten there are the ones who revel in their "ass hole-dom" BadArtie is in the second catagory. He iis actually proud of being an ass hole. God if we could only have a drone take him out.
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    I think RG3 is going to be a stud. I'm extremely disappointed he wont be a member of the Cleveland Browns. However, with that being said, I wouldnt have been happy giving up all those picks for RG3. They gave up a King's ransom. If the Browns were just a QB away, I'd say go all in. However the Browns are a WR, Right Side of Oline, 1 DE, 1 CB, 1 LB, 1 Safety, depth, and possibly a RB away from being ready to compete for a super bowl...
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    Fans in Cleveland are on the warpath. We are tired of losing. The patience is gone. We havent been relevant since 80s. Thats a long long time. I agree with you.....Dont draft Tannenhil. they'd have to trade down to do it. IMO he is not worth the 4th pick. This is a make it or break it draft for the Browns. They need to hit on their picks....