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    Sorry, can't agree with you, most of the VR-Scenes are with younger girls. Too many in my opinion, i wish NA have more VR-Scenes with Milfs
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    why so many shit posts ? you are boring , he is one of the best they use fact
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    What do you expect him to do to make the scene "not so boring''.....tell jokes as he's fucking? Sing "Bohemian Rhapsody"? Recite the Gettysburg Address? Do cartwheels between changes of position? Obviously many of his female co-stars like working with him as well as directors otherwise he wouldn't get work.
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    Probably because people seem to like him.
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    UPDATES 1/15/18-1/21/18 ** ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE**NAM VR Adriana Chechik/Van Wylde AM Kagney Linn Karter/Johnny Castle NBW Faye Reagan / Talon (REMASTER)MSHF Charity Crawford/JmacIHW Zoey Monroe/Bambino MGBF Aspen Romanoff/Ryan Driller IHW Kimmy Granger/Johnny Castle DWC Vanessa Cage/Tony Rubino NAM VR Sofi Ryan/Preston Parker DWC Brandi Love/Johnny Castle TNGF TBAMFHG Kleio Valentein/Ryan Driller MGLA Riley Reyes/Johnny Castle Enjoy!
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    the emma starr scene with damon dice today was everything i could hope for. thanx!!!
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    I am with you 100 percent, the guy ruins almost every scene he is in. Hands, hands, hands. And it isn't occasionally using his hands. It is fumbling around, not grabbing tits or or ass, just randomly moving his fucking hands. Guy already ruins 1/3 of the wankz/milfvr scenes, don't let him do that shit here also.
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    UPDATES 12/25/17-12/31/17 ** ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE** VR - TBA NAM - Kayla Kayden/Damon Dice H1on1 - Tanya Tate / Christian (REMASTER) DON - Alex Grey/Johnny Castle MFHG - Phoenix Marie/Johnny Castle H1on1 - Cadence Lux/Kyle Mason SBC - Sofie Marie/Mr. Pete NO - Karma RX/Kyle Mason MFHM - Julia Ann/Bambino DWC - Lana Rhoades/Johnny Castle TNGF - Alina Lopez/Rion King MFHG - Victoria Stephanie/Sean Lawless VR - TBA Happy Holidays to those that have been nice, but especially to those that have been naughty!
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    Bump, Got something cool you would like to see? Have a storyline you would like to pitch? post it here.
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    If you consider anyone above 23 and/or anyone with fake tits a MILF, I can see why you would say that. Neither of those things are true, though.
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    For all that is holy, stop using Damon Dice in your VR videos. Naughty America is quickly becoming my least favorite VR site, with multiple scenes with great potential ruined primarily by the male models. I don't know if it's just from a bad director, the male models taking it upon themselves, or both, but it's really making me second-guess my subscription. There are plenty of other examples of this, but Damon is definitely the worst. Firstly, his dick is so damn distracting. I won't delve too much into this, since you can get over it when it's tucked away, but it does ruin most BJ and cumshot scenes. The real reason that he's the worst, though, is that he's WAY too handsy. Constantly touching the models. The moment a male starts touching/rubbing/groping/fingering in VR videos, it completely ruins the experience. VR is supposed to make it feel like WE'RE the ones present. If a male model starts talking or using his hands a whole lot, it completely ruins the immersion and takes you out of it. While he is not the only one who does it, he is definitely one of the main offenders and does it the most. There have been some great ladies that have had their VR videos completely flubbed as a result. While I still give them a shot and download the videos to see how they are, as soon as I see that it has Damon Dice is the male stand-in, I almost always know that it's going to be a soon-there-after deletion from my hard drive. At the very least, the male models need to try (or be told) to show some restraint and keep their hands off when and wherever possible. The only exceptions would be where it's absolutely necessary (holding a girl by the legs or hips to prevent her from falling or the like).
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    Sara Jay? Really? With so many better Milfs......Cherie Deville.....Alexis Fawx.....Syren de Mer.......Julia Ann.....Brandi Love.....Tara Holiday.....Areilla Ferrara......Emma Star.....Nicki Hunter......Inari Vachs.....Shayla Laveaux.. Oh well I've probably pissed someone off now.
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    Here is a thread that shows you ever site owned and operated by NA, also lets you know which ones are stream only and downloadable as well as far as third party sites operated by them.
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    I'm with you. I saw a scene where Alure Jenson literally picked up el Nino and held him to her face as she blew him. Just didn't do a thing for me.....even though I know the guy is of age....it looks like kiddie porn and turns me off.
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    Hm, i'm the only one who doesn't care who is the male performer?
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    Where am I going with all of this….. Well … I am BACK …. Totally for me, while also totally for you. Last month I shot my first sex scene in 3 years & it was amazing. I love creating a sexy product. I really just do. After the shoot I held on to the footage for a week before I sent it to my editor. I watched it carefully. I wanted to really soak it in, think about it all. The WHY’s. the WHY NOT’s.. All of the above. Living life as a sexual superhero is fun for me. Something with love I want to entertain. I have finally posted the first part of the photo set of my sex scene with Isiah Maxwell on my website TheLisaAnn. Title :Back In Black” https://thereallisaann.com/2018/01/11/back-in-black/
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    I've searched thru every site & category I can think of looking for this old scene I loved. I'm almost certain it's from NA. (It was too good not to be!) The scenario was that a guy is shopping for either swimsuits or lingerie for his girlfriend, the girl is helping him by modeling the outfits, changing behind a standup curtain (which he peeks thru a bit, sitting down before getting caught), and then one thing leads to another, seduction, blowjob, fucking, etc. It was hella hot. I've already looked everywhere that makes sense & have probably just narrowly overlooked it in the sea of videos. HALP! Crowdthink, save me! Side note: Naughty America sites are the earliest I have memories of, the first ones I ever actually subscribed to, and still my favorite to this day. Keep up the good work forever! You killin' it!
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    Glad you liked it!
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    Anya Olsen Nia Nacci Ashley Adams (can't get enough Ashley) Jillian Janson Honey Gold
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    thanks for the updates Nicole ... Whoever wrote the script or thought of the scene idea behind Reagan Foxx's latest scene deserves a pat on the back, funny and sexy, at least according to me .. loved the premise lol Wish there were more non-VR scenes from Sofi Ryan .. ah well
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    With due respect sir, facial, cum in mouth or cum on tits is run of the mill porn stuff, while creampie and anal are "extra service" by comparison. And since it's probably her last shoot, why complain about her willingness to give her goodbye scene that little extra touch? And besides her VR-scene of 12/15/17 ended with "cum on tits". And, as a comparison, even though anal isn't my favorite nice in porn by far, I wouldn't exactly say that Whitney Westgate "ruined it for me", when she took farewell from porn with her one and only (so far) anal scene on Tushy. I would rather call it quitting w/style.
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    Hey guys, it's been a while since I last posted here, but just wanted to request a new girl from LA Direct. Her name is Anissa Kate. Check her out..... http://www.ladirectmodels.com/talent.php?id=808&gender=female
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    yeah, i'm the exact opposite. to each his own!!!
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    Are you a man with a mild criticism of a female? Youre obviously a sexist and a misogynist, and if youre a white man, youre also likely a rapist. Are you are white person who simply doesnt find a black person attractive? Youre a disgusting racist. Blacks dont have to be attracted to whites....but if youre a white person who isnt attracted to every god damn minority person out there? You must be a fucking piece of shit racist. Dont think transgenders should get special treatment? You piece of subhuman shit!!! There are 12,000 genders....fuck science. You can wake up any given day and be whatever gender you want? Dont agree? You deserve to die. My fucking point is....social media is infested with digusuting humans from all walks of life, but social media, along with almost the entirety of the mainstream media is run by nutjob liberals who would never allow a gay person or a minority to be attacked so savagely, but they have no problem letting white people get bullied, especially if its in the name of bullshit virtue signaling from pathetic pieces of subhuman shit who just want to make it look like they are fighting a good fight. And for the record, I dont downplay August's mental issues in her taking her own life, but its always the same crowd doing the bullying these days in the bullshit name of social justice. I hate to bring politics into this, but again, the supposedly tolerant left, as always, proves once again to be the least tolerant of all. And no, Im not some far-right, woman beating white supremacist.....Im a moderate who absolutely loathes modern liberalism and everything it has devolved into.....such as attacking anyone and everyone who doesnt share your ideals.
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    not a big fan of cream pie either.....but as they say....you can't please everyone. Had they done the scene the way you and I wanted it.....then people like Davemanddd would have been the ones disappointed.
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    Did your membership expire? You should message tech support and if that doesn't work drop Lauren an email
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    Jan 1, 1600 is what happens when the birthdate is listed as zero. And in porn, anyone that doesn't look like a teen and has breast implants is going to get labeled a MILF/Cougar at some point, no matter how old she is. Because that's gonna be the crowd that she appeals to.
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    Come on NA, her last scene is now over a year ago (except 1 VR Scene), i know 3 or 4 scenes from last year had technical issues but can we get now new Scenes with Syren? Or can we expect 0 Videos like 2017?
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    It wouldn't surprise me if the NA stats file for Yasmin has a wrong birthdate. She looks older than 24. The Naughty America Bio write-up/stats sheet is an embarrassment for the site. It's like a mad libs thing where they mix and match a few canned phrases from a file with a few tidbits from the birthdate/birthplace and paste it together on the fly. And if the stats for an actor are missing they just run the canned phrases as sentence fragments and call it good. Take for example the Stephanie West bio which starts with 'Stephanie West is from , so she's got to be perfect for porn!' She's shot 5 scenes for NA and they still haven't figured out she's from Chicago.
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    I would love more remasters if I thought it wouldn't have any effect on the number of original scenes, but I know that it would so I just let it go.
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    I agree with you.....more remasters? What we need is more quality NEW scenes.
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    A little "accidental" creampie from Johnny Sins into the pussy of Alexis Fawx, in their latest scene on MGBF of December 30, 2017?? At least to me it appears like Johnny pulls out a bit late, leaving a little load of his cum in her pussy, before dumping the rest on her stomach.
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    UPDATES 1/1/18-1/7/18 ** ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE** IHW - Stephanie West/Tony Desergio VR - TBA SCC - Tobi Pacific / Billy Glide (REMASTER) SBC - Yasmine Scott/Peter Green LAD - Luna Star/Lucas MWHF - Lily Frey/Mr Pete DWC - Moka Mora/Johnny Castle NO - Anya Olsen/Tyler Nixon VR - TBA MFHM - Emma Starr/Damon Dice NRG - Lacey Channing/Rion King TNGF - TBA MSHF - Izzy Belle/Tyler Nixon DWC - Lena Paul/Kyle Mason Have a naughty Happy New Year!
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    I notice on Feelme.com there are VRtrailers. https://www.feelme.com/channels/naughty-america.com there are Can we download full scenes from Naught America main site? I
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    The set for Kylie Page's recent t&a scene was stunning, and it's my favorite set amongst every VR scene I've watched (especially in that final position). I find in VR that the set makes a massive difference to my enjoyment of the scene, given how immersive the medium is. I'd love to see these models in t&a scenes with a sunny, outdoor background. And ideally with a nice pool in the background (just shoot in that house again!) Jessa Rhodes Mia Malkova Alex Grey Jane Doux Lana Rhoades Aidra Fox
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    I think the video has been pulled because i am no longer seeing it posted.
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    Harvey's phone is where all the pics came from. It all makes sense now. His phone was hacked, not the women's. They were sending him nudes.
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    Fuck the bullying aspect. What prescribed drug was she using to cope with her struggles?
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    May we soon has some / many more Creampies. Creampies Anal Creampies and swallowing are my main preferences The ones where the guy jerking off on the girls faces, I don't like to see it and I really don't think - at least - many girls would like that at all. At least my wife would be very angry with me, if I jerked off at her face.
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    I tend to enjoy NA's VR content but I hope the "non-pov" thing they've done in recent videos doesn't stay long.
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    So one thing that really annoys me about VR is when they decide to do "non-POV" scenes, either as the whole thing or as an intro or outro to an otherwise standard VR vid. It takes me out of the experience, it seems to miss the point in my opinion.
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    Exactly. Last few weeks have been so amazing that I am seriously considering my first annual membership. We still need more milfs especially: Darla Crane (just imagine missionary with her...), Emma Starr and Diamond Jackson.
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    Wankzvr just added interactive videos for feelme. www.wankzvr.com/interactive sad naughtyamerica hasn't yet.
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    I never paid for porn until I got into VR a few months ago. Of all the different VR sites I've subbed to (most of the major ones), Naughty America is my favorite so far. Which is really saying something, since the videos until around mid-2016 have some noticeable scaling issues. Now quality/perspective is at the point where it's the most immersive I've seen (perhaps because NA has invested more in it given their larger company size?), and I guess I just like the porn star fantasy more than the primarily concept-driven stuff on other sites. And of course, the regular output and huge library of 2d helps too. Good job, NA. I'll probably stay subbed for a long time.
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    How are you viewing the scenes? I went the Samsung Gear route with my Note 5. I find the NA scenes to be much more vivid and realistic compared to general VR content that can be seen on Samsung Gear. NA has developed some "secret sauce" with their proprietary video imaging techniques. I found VR not too impressive when I first tried it with my previous generation Galaxy Android phone with Cardboard. My Note 5 Resolution spec's are 1440 x 2560 pixels. The latest Note 8 is only slightly better at 1440 x 2960 pixels.
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    Can we PLEASE get VR videos with use of FeelMe! - a few websites already do this. This would be a huge UPGRADE to this site!
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    I figured it would be helpful to many users other than myself to have one post with every website produced by Naughty America. I have included every site in the Naughty America network including third party, VR, and sites that no longer exist. If I am missing any sites that should be on this list please let me know and I will add them accordingly. Recently Added: Clarified which third party sites are stream and download, Thanks Nicole for helping. Naughty America Network Naughty America - 2 Chicks Same Time - American Daydreams - Ass Masterpiece - Diary of a MILF - Diary of a Nanny - Dirty Wives Club - Fast Times at NAU - Housewife 1 on 1 - I Have a Wife - Latin Adultery - Lesbian Girl on Girl - Live Naughty MILF - Live Gym Cam - Live Naughty Nurse - Live Naughty Secretary - Live Naughty Student - Live Naughty Teacher - Live Party Girl - MILF Sugarbabes Classic - My Dad's Hot Girlfriend - My Daughter's Hot Friend - My First Sex Teacher - My Friend's Hot Girl - My Friend's Hot Mom - My Girl Loves Anal - My Girlfriend's Busty Friend - My Naughty Latin Maid (Formerly Dirty Latina Maids) - My Naughty Massage - My Sister's Hot Friend - My Wife's Hot Friend - Naughty America - Naughty America VR - Naughty Athletics - Naughty Bookworms - Naughty Country Girls - Naughty Flipside - Naughty Office - Naughty Rich Girls - Naughty Weddings - Neighbor Affair - Perfect Fucking Strangers Classic - Seduced by a Cougar - SoCal Coeds - The Passenger - Tonight's Girlfriend Classic - Wives on Vacation Suite 703 Network (Gay Porn) - Hot Jocks Nice Cocks - I'm a Married Man - Men Hard at Work - My Brothers Hot Friend Third Party Sites Produced by Naughty America Amateurs Raw [Stream Only] Anal College [Stream & Download] College Sugarbabes [Stream Only] MILF Sugarbabes [Stream Only] Mrs. Creampie [Stream & Download] Naughty Americans [Stream Only] Perfect Fucking Strangers [Stream Only] Tonight's Boyfriend [Stream Only] Tonight's Girlfriend [Stream & Download] Virtual Reality Websites Produced by Naughty America Big Tits in VR Randy's Roadstop Real Teens VR Sites Produced by Naughty America That No Longer Exist Nasty Cops Teens of Color
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    Yeah, book this amazing boobs!