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    UPDATES 11/13/17-11/19/17 ** ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE** VR - TBA DWC - Sheridan Love/Johnny Castle H1on1 - Gianna / Alex Gonz (REMASTER) MFHG - Lily Rader/JMac NRG - Brooklyn Chase/Mr Pete MGBF - Raven Redmond/Tyler Steel NO - Rina Ellis/Kyle Mason MFHG - Stephanie West/Bambino VR - TBA MFHM - Alessandra Miller/Peter Green TNGF - India Summer/Bambino H1on1 - Rachel Starr/Charles Dera MGBF - Lexi Luna/Jmac
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    Getting April in a VR scene completely makes up for this, by the way.
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    Right on Samurai! Props to NA for leading the way with this new technology. Naughty America Is Great Again!
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    Diamond Jackson VR Scene PLEASE
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    So apparently, this is a thing. And, perhaps more importantly, this is a thing that most people aren't going to be able to watch. I don't really know what to think about it at this point. Except that it would be better if they could find a way to release it as a VR video and convert it to a regular POV video.
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    Wow her new hair look is amazing, too bad that i have no membership @ TNGF
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    Thank you, this has been fixed.
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    UPDATES 11/20/17-11/26/17 ** ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE** VR- TBA MGBF - Sunny Chase/Tony Rubino AM Rita - Faltoyano / Billy Glide (REMASTER) MSHF - Gracie May Green/Ryan Driller MFHM - Ashton Blake/Ricky Spanish H1on1 - Anya Olsen/Kyle Mason NRG - August Ames/Mr. Pete MFST - Alana Cruise/Rion King VR- TBA NAM - Bridgette B./Johnny Sins MGBF - Jade Kush/Mr Pete TNGF - Ariella Ferrera/Mr Pete MFHG - Elle Monela/Kyle Mason NRG - Jessie Wylde/Tyler Steel Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? Me either... Have a great day everyone
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    Pornstar Twitter war might set a precedent for future cyberbullying victims A recent Los Angeles County Court ruling on a bizarre porn star feud has sketchy implications for victims of online harassment. What do camels, anti-SLAPP motions, and awards show red carpet brawls have in common? They’re all part of a legal saga between two of porn’s biggest names, Lisa Ann and Nikki Benz. And despite the titillation value of a court battle involving the now-retired star of Who’s Nailin’ Paylin and the porn star that almost became Rob Ford’s replacement as mayor of Toronto, the case also sets an interesting—and potentially dangerous—legal precedent when it comes to cyber harassment. The Los Angeles County Court threw out a harassment case brought against Nikki Benz after a Twitter scuffle erupted into an all-out war between the two performers. The nasty fight started in December of last year, with Lisa Ann initially mocking Benz’s camel-filled Dubai birthday celebration on Instagram and suggesting that Benz was actually there working as an escort. Read More: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/porn-star-harassment-case-ruling/
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    After NA seemed to have nailed down on a consistent 4K video quality, it now appears to have gone back to old ways. I've seen a number of scenes at NA and Tonight'sGirlfriend reverting back to the 19,000-20,000kbps bit-rate, which simply isn't good enough. Please make sure the bit-rates of 4K scenes are a minimum of 23,000-24,000kbps. There is a clear difference between these bit-rates and NA should always be releasing in the best video quality, especially if they want to keep me as a subscribing member. Thanks.
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    Over the years, Naughtyamerica has finally improved their 1080p and 4k videos. Now Naughtyamerica one of the best 4k video quality on the internet second to PerfectGonzo. Any chance Naughtyamerica can offer super high resolution photosets in the 22 megapixel range? maybe some remasters ones? 21sextury and cherrypimp offers 22 megapixel quality photo since 2011. Are there other adult porn websites (not nudes like met art), that offer 22 megapixel photos? I know NaughtyAmerica offered some super high resolution pics in the past. How can you tell which ones are super high resolution without testing thousands of links?
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    Well said, Aristotle. I know our Mods are way too smart to use the same password at Naughty Canada and the Naughty Canada Forums. Many people use the same password on different sites. The Naughty Canada breach had passwords in the database that were not encrypted. There are bruteforce methods to crack encrypted passwords: https://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/hackers-take-your-encrypted-passwords-crack-them-0130638/ I've also heard of hacking tools to crack passwords/hashes advertised on Dark Web sites.
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    http://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2016/04/14/naughty-america-fappening-hacked-porn-sites/#3a2e8fc1294c Does say some of the passwords were strongly encrypted so they're unlikely to be cracked (good job there, guys, and that's not sarcasm). In any case, check your accounts and bank statements to make sure nothing funny is going on (i.e. people logging in as you and accessing the side sites).
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    I don't know if it's just me but download speeds from the site have been terrible for the last month or two.
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    I think i know someone from here who would approve........ https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/playboy-transgender-playmate-first-ever-magazine-ines-rau-a8008281.html
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    WooHoo!! I can't wait to see her 3rd scene for TNGF. Thank you for bringing her back.
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    I didn't respond b/c Matty is a clown. he's our clown. but a clown none the less.
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    Thanks for posting on here, Sofie! You are beautiful!
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    UPDATES 11/6/17-11/12/17 ** ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE** VR - TBA MFHM - Eva Long/Rion King SBC - Devon Lee / Alan Stafford (REMASTER) MWHF - Cherie Deville/Ryan Driller H1on1 - Stephanie West/Sean Lawless MWHF - Olive Glass/Justin Hunt MFST - Aubrey Black/Justin Hunt NRG - Kimber Lee/Jmac VR - TBA MGBF - Bridgette B/Ryan Mclane TNGF - Pristine Edge/Ryan Mclane MWHF - Sloane Harper/Tony Rubino NRG - Carolina Sweets/Jaz Slayher Happy November!
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    any news on this being released
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    Making Ynot a mod is clearly what destroyed this place.
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    Since about 2014 or so. Her most recent scene before today had a condom, and that was 3 years ago.
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    just noticed she is on the docket for a VR scene! i don't mind the condom as long as she's back and is in for more!
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    would love to see Silvia soon at NA ..
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    UPDATES 10/30/17-11/5/17 ** ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE** VR - TBA MFHG - Bailey Brooke/Tony Rubino VR - TBA NAM - Karlee Grey/Charles Dera NBW - Carmen McCarthy / Otto Bauer (REMASTER) MFHM - Janna Hicks/Rob Carpenter NRG - Kelsi Monroe/Tony Rubino MFHG - Carolina Sweets/JMac MFHM - Ariella Ferrera/Rion King MGBF - Anissa Kate/Charles Dera NO - Harley Dean/Kyle Mason TNGF - Nia Nacci/Rion King MFHG - Whitney Wright/Bambino DWC - Aaliyah Love/Ryan Mclane Don't get to naughty this Halloween weekend friends!
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    He voted "Hell No" for you to become a Mod from GOC's old survey that I bumped.
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    would definitely love to see her in NA, preferably in MFST or NO ..
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    Happy Birthday Aristotle!
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    LMAO....He posted a few hours early Thanks Artie
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    She's moving to Hawaii and only doing G/G from now on.
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    Hi Everyone Im currently having issues downloading 4K vr content. when I joined the site a file was taking around 3 minutes. H have a 300mb conection. recently, having tried all browsers, having plenty of HD space, the downloads are taking sometimes hours. even using the alt sites. other sites I am also subscribed to have no issue on speed at all. I have also tried normal no VR titles and the same issue exsits. the down loads very often dont complete with a failed to download. almost as the the web page logs me out.. they cannot be resumed either. its been days now since i can reliably download anything. support has been told. but im not actually getting anywhere. any help would be awesome
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    a boy can dream, can't he???
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    Thanks so much Lauren! I am so pleased with the scene and I hope you are too! I would love to do more with NA!! xoxo Sofie
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    Hi Sofie...welcome
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    I know VR is quite popular and kudos to those that enjoy it... but can you please put something on your website like a global option to enable or disable VR from showing up? when I click categories to view (like pov, doggy style, etc) I get a lot of VR thumbnails which can be quite annoying "oh this scene looks good.... aaaand it's VR" Like i said, im happy people are enjoying it but it's not for everyone and it's quite annoying scrolling through pages to find scenes that aren't in VR these days. cheers.
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    From your Forums profile: Interests "Laughing at clowns. You know who you are." The picture was from a Halloween party a few years ago with my "LA Weirdo" crew. Klownoween Party Video: https://youtu.be/5mQ9EDYLd_U
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    Nicole Aniston...i see she is shooting for VRBangers. Someone mentioned that her contract with NA might be over. Any truth to that and what does mean? Will she do shoots for NA again?
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    Brandi Love is a wonderful MILF Very hot new scene on "Formula for Fun" Please, I want to see more on NA
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    its HOMOPHOBE, you fucking retarded faggot. KILL YOURSELF.
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    If Mangenious doesnt turn this team around I might be coming out of the closet in 4 years. I dont know how much more of a shity team I can take.
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    No. Browns fans dont have souls. They are dead inside. But since Ynot is a closet Steelers fan, I guess.
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    makes me only 9 years older than you guy. that's less than 10.
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    Ha. Many Many Years. Many years is like 15 to 20. I'm not that many years older than you slick.
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    SO, It looks like I may get up close and personal with one of many of your favorites.....but you all will have to ask Laura about it *wink*. Any good New Years eve plans guys and gals? I plan on spending the majority of my time naked:) xxx Brandi http://www.brandilove.com