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    She was great. I miss her. RLE and his obsession with you know who. All those people are missed for one reason or another. Even Fat Artie
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    i don't think this forum sucks at all. i only think you suck as a moderator. i have never had any issues with anyone else on here but you. so if you truly think it "sucks" as you so eloquently stated, well then it's very apparent that you don't like your job, so why don't you take your own advice that you always so readily give to others on here and just "leave"??? trust me, the forums would be a much better place without you and your negativity and then you wouldn't get all butthurt when people like me hurt your widdle feelz.
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    And in addition to Castle, another one of their solid performers hasn't had a scene here in what seems like 2 years now. I am talking about Bill Bailey. There was a time when if it wasn't Castle in the scene it was Bill Bailey. I was not uncommon for 8 out 13 scenes being a Castle or Bailey scene. If he is still in the business, there must have been a falling out between him and the guys who shoot the scenes.
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    i think portia harlow would be an excellent candidate for a milf scene in either mfhm, mfst, sbc or even mrs. creampie, if that site is still viable??? what do you guys think???
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    by the way Naughty America. This new Luna Star Oil scene is crazy good. Keep coming with heat like that please. the Oil was amazing. the BJ with her hiking her ass up and see her nice legs. amazing. he splits cowgirl. amazing. her cowgirl and reverse were also amazing.
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    Johnny Castles last scene was July 19th. He is one of NA most prolific performers! He is also the best looking, in my opinion, of their roster! Anyone else missing him?
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    any idea when this scene will be released, she looks amazing
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    Hahahah. You guys make me laugh.
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    UPDATES 9/25/17-10/1/17 ** ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE** VR - TBA MGBF - Victoria June/JMac IHW - Nikki Benz / Billy Glide (REMASTER) MFHG - Cadey Mercury/Damon Dice MFHM - Katie Morgan/Lucas Frost MSHF - Ashly Anderson/Ryan Driller MFHG - Marilyn Mansion/Jmac IHW - Bridgette B/Preston Parker VR - TBA NO - Kimber Lee/Bambino IHW - TBA TNGF - Sarah Jessie/Ryan Mclane ATH - Alex Blake/Jax Slayher MFHM - Dee William/Bambino Stay safe out there friends!
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    Right on Samurai! Props to NA for leading the way with this new technology. Naughty America Is Great Again!
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    In terms of posting the actual updates, yes. But Lauren is capable of talking about more than that.
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    I know you think you're funny, but you're really not.
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    Naughty America does not officially support download managers, try downloading directly from the site.
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    ...That wouldn't fuck you for a fistfull of hundreds.
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    Other social media sites took over.
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    I was thinking the same
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    UPDATES 9/18/17-9/24/17 ** ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE**VR - TBAMSHF - Sami St Clair/Peter Green NAF - Sarah Vandella / Jerry (REMASTER)NAF - Ashlynn Taylor/Sean LawlessH1on1 - Sofi Ryan/Charles Dera MSHF - Adrianna Chechik/Chad white MDHG - Kimber Veils/Ryan Driller MFHM - Sydney Hail/Peter Green VR - TBAMFHM - Reagan Foxx/Brad Knight MFHG - Ashley Adams/Seth Gamble TNGF - Sara Jay/Mike Mancini DWC - Bailey Brooke/Alex Adams MWHF - Monica Asis/Jmac
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    Can't wait for Emma Starr scenes to start dropping!
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    So today in things that are, well, mildly amusing: Possibly one of the strongest storms in the history of recorded hurricanes is going to hit Florida tomorrow night. And what is the scene being released on Saturday? A Florida-produced scene where it's raining outside.
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    Maybe NA should have waited before renaming her performer credits. Also unless I'm misreading things on her twitter she shot for MSHF recently.
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    Maybe it got hit by a Waaahmbulance.
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    UPDATES 9/11/17-9/17/17 ** ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE**VR - TBAMSHF - Kiley Jay/Jax Slayher NO - Julia Ann / Prince Yahshua (REMASTER)IHW - Alex Blake/Peter Green NAF - Sarah Jessie/Ryan Driller MFHG - Jade Jantzen/Charles Dera MGBF - Dana DeArmond/Danny Mountain ADD - Alexis Fawx/Seth Gamble VR - TBAADD - Kelsi Monroe/JMacSBC - Brandi Love/Brad Knight TNGF - Elena Koshka/Mr Pete IHW - Khloe Kapri/Charles Dera MSHF - Megan Sage/Ryan Driller Have a great 4-day work week everyone!
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    you may also find that with time , you will find you're getting tired of posting about your fetish----long after everyone else has. About 6 years ago I was on a two year rant about g/g scenes......it got old in about 3 months......at least to everyone else.....being slow on the up take...it took me about 2 years to get where every one else was at.
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    It would be easier if you weren't a "one trick".
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    UPDATES 9/4/17-9/10/17 ** ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE** VR - TBANO - Sara Jay/Rion King IHW - Abbey Brooks / Evan Stone (REMASTER)MSHF - Elena Koska/Mr PeteH1on1 - Bridgette B/Seth Gamble IHW - Sofi Ryan/Peter GreenNAF - Jennifer White/Mike Mancini ADD - Cassidy Banks/Tony RubinoVR - TBAMSHF - Ella Knox/Chad WhiteMFHM - Tucker Stevens/Peter GreenTNGF - Aaliyah Hadid/Ryan Driller H1on1 - Vanessa Cage/Charles DeraMSHF - Jane Doux/Ryan Driller Have a great Labor Day Weekend! Stay safe out there
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    Grandizer was a better mod than AA....And I've been to plenty of places where the mod causes plenty of problems. And most of my problem causing came before I was a mod
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    No matter who leaves or stays, this place isnt going to get better because NA doesnt really promote it, plus there isnt much reason to post here anymore outside of talking about updates here and there and, in my case, I just check in from time to time. I hardly post here anymore....but thats because mostly everyone left and no one interesting really joins anymore. Not a knock on any newer members, but this board used to be a blast at one time....always at least one entertaining thread going on, whether it was Christian arguing with StarGirl and RLE, Carter and ATD attacking FatArtie or TBE, or me, Tony and pretty much everyone messing with guys like BradOhio and wolvie. Good times....ya know....for an internet forum.
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    Another thing...maybe since they seem to be using a lot of new girls and less of the tried and true vets that he has has worked with, he may not...for what ever reason....Want to be in front of the camera when he works for NA.
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    Could be that he has a better relationship with their crews. Could be that he is signed to a contract. Can't beat gauranteed work. He was performing in the scenes he was directly previously. Christian did the same thing when he was producing.
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    I don't recall the staff getting involved in roasting people. Staff usually stayed out of flaming posters. Any roasting in the past was usually done by some of the more opinionated forum members and some of the moderators.
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    I agree....... and BUMP!
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    saw on twitter where i guess she's going back to being pristine edge again. evidently the name change to jane douxxx just wasn't working for people. personally i think it's a good move. jane douxxx just sounded so, ahem, plain jane. but pristine edge, it's got an "edge" to it!!!
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    Thats not why people left, though. There was alot of shit talking and egomaniacs on the forum back then and people still posted here. The staff and pornstars used to post on here regularly....but that stopped and good posters started moving on and that caused other good posters to eventually leave, and NA never promoted this board enough to really draw many new posters here.
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    she's got a new scene coming on ZZ, trailer is up. Just saying looks like she's shooting
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    Civil isn't fun. I miss the good old days. The hay day from 2004-2012 or so.
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    Haha....that was the first scene I watched him in and felt the same way. He had to pull out ever 10 seconds and has zero charisma. In the other scenes I saw him in he was able to at least stay in for more extended periods, but he still has absolutely no charisma and a goofy ass face. Im not saying a guy has to make sounds the entire scene, but every scene Ive seen him in has been pretty lame because of him....and has had some scenes with some great performers (even his scenes with Rachel Starr and Romi Rain were pretty lame....and you have to be pretty bad to drag them down).
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    that dude is far beyond totally wrong. BLIND I TELL YOU BLIND!!!! VR hands down best porn experience ever. Next thing is fucking a hologram in your room. VR is basically that.
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    RIP Gregg Allmann. Your music holds a significant place in the soundtrack of my life.
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    Let's see if this still works I guess it does..
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    would be nice to see her on NA, on a regular basis .. MFST for sure !!
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    Princess Leia has died. http://people.com/movies/carrie-fisher-dies/ RIP Carrie Fisher.
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    https://twitter.com/JillKassidyy http://ladirectmodels.com/model.php?n=JillKassidy
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    This place is dead, yet your constant douchebag responses are still going strong. I applaud your commitment.
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    The poor model who did the ad with Artie is still recovering in the mental ward. Her shrink says with a little luck she'll block out the memory and be released in another year or so.
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    despite my observations that you razz me as often as you can.....please do not judge Callifornians....especially Southern Califronians by BadArtie. Every state has its token asshole that make the rest of the population look bad. There are asshole who don't know they are assholes and hten there are the ones who revel in their "ass hole-dom" BadArtie is in the second catagory. He iis actually proud of being an ass hole. God if we could only have a drone take him out.
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    I think RG3 is going to be a stud. I'm extremely disappointed he wont be a member of the Cleveland Browns. However, with that being said, I wouldnt have been happy giving up all those picks for RG3. They gave up a King's ransom. If the Browns were just a QB away, I'd say go all in. However the Browns are a WR, Right Side of Oline, 1 DE, 1 CB, 1 LB, 1 Safety, depth, and possibly a RB away from being ready to compete for a super bowl...
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    Fans in Cleveland are on the warpath. We are tired of losing. The patience is gone. We havent been relevant since 80s. Thats a long long time. I agree with you.....Dont draft Tannenhil. they'd have to trade down to do it. IMO he is not worth the 4th pick. This is a make it or break it draft for the Browns. They need to hit on their picks....