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  2. One of the downloads of the latest VR Scene with Nikki Benz (PSE) seems to be broken: the Occulus HighQuality version. Tried it two times, both times I get only a 1.7GB file which doesnt play). The GearVR version works fine.
  3. omg, plz get her more!
  4. lets hope that NA casts her for more NA site scenes with that new hair look
  5. would be happy to see Tori Black back at NA, maybe for TNGF or anything ..
  6. Yesterday
  7. Depends on who your payment went though. You need to do it through SegPay's or Epoch's websites. Here are the links for the sites to help you with who your payments went through. SegPay Epoch
  8. Peta isn't shooting anymore, Alina hasn't shot for anyone for years, and Madison Ivy is still contracted to another company.
  9. I’m trying to cancel my subscription but can’t find anything on the website for how to do it, any help is much appreciated.
  10. Update for my personal wishlist... - Madison Ivy (since she's back in business... she was one of the first I wanted to meet in VR) - Peta Jensen (one scene only? really?) - Anissa Kate (more more more) - Alina Li - Bridgette B - Nia Nacci - Nicole Aniston (still can't get enough of her..) And one request: please don't forget to give the girls some time to show off their nice outfits.. Anissa's outfit in "Fuck my Ass" was damn' sexy and it was gone in about 10 seconds... come on.. I had to put these seconds in a loop...
  11. Yeah, The press release says they have more projects in store, but like Teagan, no one has said that they're exclusive, and I'd imagine that they would have if they were. They're probably expensive, and might be prohibitively so, but it doesn't look like either one is exclusive.
  12. Your competitors at CzechVR have started publishing 2700p/5k HVEC video's and they're much better quality than yours. Their models are boring though, so please NaughtAmerica, don't stay behind and increase quality ! Oh and also up that 30 mbit/s please !
  13. Last week
  14. Soooo..... First teagan, now tori, which is awesome, but I don't know if they r currently exclusive or if they r open for bookings.
  15. Wow her new hair look is amazing, too bad that i have no membership @ TNGF
  16. Carly Rae
  17. hope you guys will be casting her as a Teacher again with that new hair color, maybe in a bun
  18. thanks NA for the Tonights Girlfriend scene with India .. love her new hair color, she looks great Special mention for the roleplay story used - India uses a very Harvey Weinstein-esque scenario with Bambino .. love it lol
  19. Multiple women accuse Ron Jeremy of sexual assault Several women have accused porn legend Ron Jeremy of sexual assault. The allegations against Jeremy, which date back more than 30 years, gained traction when adult star Ginger Banks released a video in June 2017 detailing several allegations of sexual misconduct against Jeremy from other adult stars, as well as fans. Jeremy didn’t take Banks’ campaign against him lightly. Read More:
  20. Too each his own! Sorry to hear man
  21. Hey Lauren, just a heads up. Teagan shot a B/G scene for a certain other online company so you might want to do some sniffing around and work your magic and get us a scene if she's doing B/G for everyone again.
  22. yes, but is she exclusive to ZZ? Hope not.
  23. I use chrome and have never come across this issue even with having 2 different ad blockers active on NA. Could possibly be something with certain browsers or people trying to use download managers which NA does not officially support.
  24. I turned off adblock (and I don't think I have noscript installed) and I still get this. Talked to support, and they just told me to use Chrome for the time being. Looking into it, it looks like whomever they're using for bot detection is using some kind of javascript to tell if people are bots, and if your computer blocks their script for whatever reason, it assumes you are one. It's way too aggressive in its detection.
  25. If you're still experiencing issues please email Thanks!
  26. Hello, Please email for further assistance. Thanks!
  27. Hello, Please email for further assistance. Thanks!
  28. Right, it's not in the picture set, I took it from my phone
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